There are spec bumps and layout tweaks for 2014 season Elddis caravans, in the main these are subtle changes aiming to build on the successful launch of the new SoLiD construction technique last year.

This changes include a higher spec for the Avanté range. The lower mid-market offering receives some detail updates for 2014, and one new layout is added. In come BPW’s IDC anti-snaking system, a new interior colour scheme, plus 4kW blown-air heaters for all models (apart from the two-berth 462).

The new layout is the 550, which brings a rear island bed into the range. The 564 (rear nearside dinette, end washroom) and the twin-axle 624 (rear fixed bed, end washroom) have been deleted.

Practical Caravan says…

“With prices rising by around 2.4% on average (before the delivery charge of £495), 2014 Avantés appear to be very good value for money. The spec changes aren’t purely for show – we particularly welcome the addition of BPW’s IDC anti-snaking system.”

The 2014 Elddis Avanté range

Avanté 462

Prices start from £15,499.

A two-berth with a parallel lounge, midships kitchen and a spacious end washroom, complete with a separate shower cubicle and a big wardrobe. The MTPLM is 1254kg

Avanté 515

Prices from £16,999.

A family five-berth with two parallel lounges, one up front and one in the rear. The kitchen is sited midships, as is the washroom. The front lounge makes up into either two large singles, at 1.9m x 0.7m each, or one big 1.9m x 2.08m double. The rear lounge makes up into a 2.08m x 1.28m double and is supplemented by a 1.82 x 0.57m drop-down bunk. The MTPLM is 1468kg.

Avanté 540

Prices from £16,999.

A fixed bed four-berth with a parallel lounge, corner bed in the back and an end washroom. The fixed bed is 1.93m x 1.31m and the front lounge makes up into a 2.08m x 1.6m double. The MTPLM is 1433kg.

Avanté 550

Prices from £16,999

A four-berth with a parallel lounge and a rear island bed. The kitchen is sited midships and the washroom is split into two sections, a toilet/sink area and a shower cubicle. The lounge double is 2.08m x 1.5m, while the island bed is 1.86m x 1.32m. The MTPLM is 1399kg.

Avanté 574

Prices from £16,999

A four-berth with fixed rear twin single beds, a parallel lounge and an end washroom across the width of the interior. The kitchen is located in the middle. The lounge sofas make up into a 2.08m x 1.5m double bed, while the rear singles are a respectable 1.98m x 0.75m. The MTPLM is 1450kg.

Avanté 576

Prices from £16,999

A six-berth with longitudinal rear bunks, a parallel lounge, a nearside dinette and a washroom in the rear nearside corner. The front lounge can be made up either into two 1.9m x 0.7m singles or a 2.08m x 1.9m double, while the side dinette makes up into a 1.8m x 1.2m double. The fixed bunks are each 1.82m x 0.6m. The MTPLM is 1483kg.

Avanté 636

Prices from £18,999

A massive 6.94m-long twin-axle six-berth, the 636 has a parallel lounge, an offside dinette, longitudinal rear bunks and a full-width end washroom. The kitchen is located on the nearside, across from the dinette. The front lounge makes up into a 2.07m x 1.82m double or two 1.82m x 0.72m singles, while the side dinette makes up into a 1.8m x 1.2m double. The bunks are a decent 1.82m x 0.6m. The MTPLM is 1643kg.