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But once you’re home and the holiday is a distant memory, do the familiar noises of bin lorries and the doorbell ringing infiltrate your world? Do you wish you could recapture the relaxing sounds of your caravan trip?

You can!


An inability to fall asleep easily has led me to discover a range of fantastic apps to download on my mobile phone. Birdsong, waves and rain are just some of them. If I close my eyes, I could well be anywhere. Before I go to sleep, a glass of wine is also enjoyable too and I haven’t tried but I imagine you can download that sound too – the plink plink plink as the amber-coloured liquid hits the glass.


Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? If you’re on an iPhone, head to the App Store to download these and similar sounds. Or if you’ve a Samsung, the Google Play store can be good too.

Now all you need to do is close your eyes and you can be anyway you like!