UK-built caravans are often knocked for being badly made, expensive and generally lacking the flair of those from overseas. Look at this video and you might think such moaners have a point. I certainly wouldn’t want to subject a British van to the sort of treatment this one suffers in this Australian YouTube video.

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This van is made by a company called Kedron Caravans in Brisbane. The idea behind the caravans is that they can follow your 4X4 off the beaten track and get you places where other caravans simply won’t go.


Perfect for the UK?

It’s hard to see that there’s a lot of call for such a capable, tough caravan in the UK, where a muddy rally field or slippery grass pitch are the most extreme conditions you’ll come across. And with so little land left unexplored in the UK, the scope for big adventures is a bit limited. All of which makes me think that I need to find the time for a caravan holiday in Australia. It looks a lot of fun.


With products such as Kedron on the market, it’s easy to presume everything out there is built to withstand possum-attacks, rutted roads and 40-degree heat. But that’s not the case. Read this review from Caravan + RV magazine.


It was very impressed with an imported caravan it reviewed in 2008. The lightweight, spacious and well-equipped tourer tested really impressed the reviewer. The caravan in question? A Swift Charisma 555.


Admittedly, it won’t stand up to a the same sort of treatment as the Kedron, but it evidently, the British van makes a very favourable impression. And it makes me think that we should be a bit more proud of the caravans built in Britain after all.


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