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One of the best cheap sleeping bags for sale is the Regatta 300gsm Single Mummy Sleeping Bag, costing £20 from Argos at the time of our sleeping bag tests


The Argos 927/6378 sleeping bag is also called the Regatta 300gsm Single Mummy Sleeping Bag. When we got it on the test bench we were struck by the fact that it is a little on the small side, so if you're a fairly tall adult, this is not the bag for you. For growing children and particularly petite, slim ladies it could be perfect and it was certainly being sold at an absolute bargain price at the time of our test. 

It's constructed with a soft light green Polyester inner lining, a shiny deep olive green Polyester outer layer and cosy 300gsm Hollow Fibre filling in the middle. There's a cosy hood with a drawstring to keep out the draughts. There's even a baffle that looks like a padded jacket collar around your neck when it's all zipped up. The mummy shape will keep you warm and there's enough room to wiggle your toes once you're inside the cocoon, thanks to a special foot-shaped boxy area at the end.

If you are thinking of buying one, check that you or your intended recipient will fit into its full opened out sleeping bag dimensions. This Regatta single mummy's length is 220cm (86.6 inches), and the chest width is 80cm (31.5 inches).   

It packs down quite small, thanks to its Regatta compression bag, which has strong webbing straps to help you squash the sleeping bag down. This is handy if you're planning to stow several sleeping bags in your caravan lockers. This sleeping bag is very portable, so it would also be useful for your child's sleepover parties, for festivals, fishing trips, boating trips and tent camping or backpacking trips. It would certainly improve your comfort levels on a long ferry crossing, too. 

Compared to taking a set of duvets on a family holiday, sleeping bags – especially mummy sleeping bags – are very space-efficient, which will help you keep your caravan tidy, with fewer things to trip over, and make it easier for people to move around inside, even at night. 

It's a useful family-friendly product, and is also ideal for anyone on a tight budget looking to minimise holiday costs. We tested several cheap sleeping bags during our group test of 14 rival products and this was one of the cheapest. Our reviewers gave it a three-star rating, which was more than the Coleman Vail Comfort at £53 (deemed rather pricey by our experts), and the Kampa Single Layer Citrine at £43.

If you're looking to compare cheap sleeping bags up to £35, take a look at the Easycamp Cosmos sleeping bag review, Kampa Double Layer Garnett, Outwell Campion (our overall winner), Halfords Urban Escape Tahoe and the Argos 144/1895. 

If you can afford to pay a little more, consider the medium-priced sleeping bags we tested, priced at £40 to £55, such as the Vango Serenity, Summit Motion Sac, Robens Trailhead 1500, Kampa Single Layer Citrine, the SunnCamp Deluxe King Size Expression and the Coleman Vail Comfort

At the top of the budget, we tested sleeping bags costing more than £55. These are the Robens Appalachion 1500 and Musucbag Lite.


If the Robens Trailhead 1500 (£50) was a lesson in how to make the perfect mummy sleeping bag, this much cheaper Regatta-branded product from Argos is pretty much the opposite. Anyone approaching six-feet tall will need to fully embrace the drawstring hood, or else face cold shoulders — the main body of the bag is simply too short. 
It’s also very tight around the upper chest area. 

But if you are the right size, the Regatta 300gsm Single Mummy Sleeping Bag from Argos is a lot of bag for the money. And don’t be put off by the shiny outer shell: the inner lining — though still polyester — is softer and more welcoming.



  • Suits children, teens and petite adults
  • It's fantastic value for money


  • Too short for taller adults
  • Too tight across the chest for many adults
  • It's only £5 less than our test winner
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