Peter Baber
Reviews Editor

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The Vienna impressed our judges enough to win the awning category in our annual awards, but would you part with two grand for it? Peter Baber tests it out.


The fabric probably accounts for most of the price. The Vienna is made from Sentinel TenCate Residential fabric, a mixture of polyester and PVA and polyester fibre, with an extra acrylic coating to increase its waterproof qualities and durability.

And as the name implies, this material was originally designed for seasonal pitches. Vango has included it in the whole awning, not just the roof.

The Vienna went up in very quick time, thanks to the double-action pump - it lets in air as you pull the handle up and as you push it down.

The speed was particularly impressive, given that the Vienna comes with SuperBeams - larger-than-average air beams for additional stability.

As the awning goes up, you'll notice that the roof beams have been pre-angled in the factory. Vango claims that this makes them more effective at bracing against the wind, and offers more headroom.

We certainly noticed the headroom. In fact, another plus point about this awning is the extra skylight windows high up near the roof. No longer does going into the awning feel like venturing into the darkest part of your pitch.

The Vienna looks good on the outside, too, more like a traditional caravan awning - dare we say a traditional caravan pole awning? - with a proper canopy and a more box-like shape.

The main Diamond Pro windows are 67% thicker than those of other Vango awnings, providing extra insulation. The curtains come ready installed and can be zipped any way you like. The main door opens in a similar way, while the side door includes a mesh panel to keep the bugs away.

Other clever touches include an adjustable pegging system, which should make it easier to pitch on an uneven surface.

When you come to pack the awning away, Vango supplies the Vienna in a deliberately oversized bag, so you won't have to break any nails trying to shove the thing back in again. And once everything is in, the bag has compression straps in case you have to fit it into a tight space.

Specs and Layout

Length400 cm
Width300 cm


With its very durable fabric and clever beam system, not to mention its extras, the Vienna includes pretty much everything you need for an awning. But its price means you would probably only consider it if your awning is an essential part of your touring kit, not just something to use occasionally.



  • You'll really notice the extra headroom, thanks to the skylight windows


  • At this price, the Vienna is probably not for occasional use only