Esteemed Air is SunnCamp’s slightly shallower version of its Icon range. Whereas the latter spreads to a depth of 325cm, the Esteemed Air comes in at 250cm. That means the slanting side doors are not as large as they are on the Icon, but it is more convenient if you tend to visit campsites where pitch size is at a premium.

For the 2020 season, this full awning has also been given a more shaped roof, to make it sturdier in a strong wind, and you can tension the beam that goes across the front at the top. There are also new curtain designs and colours – still very much in the palette of grey.

Single-point inflation, but all of the beams are interconnected

SunnCamp’s Air Volution system provides single-point inflation, with interconnecting beams, although there are six points around the network of beams which you can use to connect the pump. All points are covered for protection.

There are six inflation points and all are protected by covers

The valves cut off when the pressure reaches 7PSI, but the multiple access points should mean you can disconnect any problem beam easily without having to dismantle the awning.

We found it went up in about 20 minutes, although we were a bit surprised that the manual pump supplied as standard is only single-action. SunnCamp claims these are quicker than double-action. A 12V electric pump is as an optional extra.

The material is the same as the Icon’s – 300 denier Protec with a 6000mm hydrostatic head. There’s a mud wall, and storm buckles, webbing straps and guylines come as standard.

When the weather gets really hot, side panels can be left as mesh

Depending on awning width, there are two or three panels across the front. You get three panels from Size 14 up (975cm or wider). These are removable, or you can fold one half-way down across the verandah pole. The two side panels can be rolled back to leave just mesh. Despite the redesigned roof, there is room for ventilation panels on the side with covers.

The draught skirt is standard, but a wheel cover and carpet are options. So too are packing pads that attach to the bottom of a beam on uneven ground. You do also get guttering for SunnCamp’s optional LEDs.

A panel can be folded down over the verandah pole that’s included

An optional annexe with an inner tent is available. If you have a SunnCamp awning with an annexe, a plus point is that this new-look awning has been designed to fit the old annexe.

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