Choosing an awning can be tricky. You might think you only want a porch awning, then feel frustrated that you don’t have enough living space. You might buy a full awning, but find you don’t use it much, and regret the time it takes to dry and pack when you get home.

Bradcot’s MODUL-AiR is an attempt to solve the problem by providing a porch awning that extends to a full awning if you wish. The main awning, extension and front closure come in separate bags, so if you are short of space, you can leave the extension behind.

If you are budget-conscious, you can even buy each part as and when you can afford it.

We did find the MODUL-AiR took a little longer than some awnings of a similar size to put up, as you need to make sure you are putting the sections together correctly.

Of course, with time you’d get quicker at this, and it might be a sacrifice worth making to be able to enjoy such flexibility.

There is still a single point of inflation, but for each of the three parts. For £99 more, you can speed up the process by buying the electric pump. This runs at two speeds, and cuts off when pressure inside the tube bladders reaches a set limit. The pump runs off 12V and has a useful 6.5m cable.

Another innovation to this European-made awning comes with the pegging anchors. There is a row of beading along the bottom of each section where it meets the ground, and you position the anchors on this.

They can be moved around, so you can avoid a rock that might be near the surface and will make pegging difficult.

Or you can add more anchors, if you think strong winds might be a problem.

Once up in its full position, the charcoal and light-grey awning, with its curved corner, looks more substantial than many (as it should, when the full awning costs over £1500).

The Tencate fabric is known for its superior waterproofing, with a PVA coating that can absorb water – so there’s no need to fit a roof lining. As an added protection, all zips have a double fly over them.

The awning does come with curtains. The annexe provides even more space, and an inner tent is available for it, too.

You can buy mesh screens to replace removable window panels, but the manufacturer doesn’t offer LED lighting, or any co-ordinating carpet.