An impressive three years of development went into SunnCamp’s Icon Air before it went into production. But the time taken seems to have been worth it, because it promises, and delivers, a lot.

One of the prime reasons behind this is because it’s a full, inflatable awning that’s also reasonably light in weight. What’s more, that 325cm depth is quite quirky, too.

You can also add an annexe (220cm x 160cm, also inflatable; fitting either side, or both), but if you do you should note that they attach at an angle, adding an extra 15cm.

There are a number of sizes available – they range from 11-18; here we tested the 14 (975-1000cm), which is at the mid-point of the range. It has three doors, while those models lower down the line-up have two.

This model weights 43kg, so it’s still a fairly hefty piece of kit to pull through your awning rail. As such, we’d suggest removing some – or perhaps all – of the panels before you do so.

Pumping the awning up is straightforward, not least because a manual pump is included with it (an electric version is a £75 cost option) along with its own storage bag. Inflation is single-point and is available from any one of the four valves. The optimal pressure is 7psi.

The inflation points have zipped covers, for a bit of security – and they look smart, too.

The construction of the awning makes it feel sturdy and hardwearing; it’s made from SunnCamp’s own-specification Pro-Tek 300 denier polyester, which has a 6000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

Inside there are zipped curtains that can be fully rolled down, tied back and more – they can be arranged in four different ways. The side doors, meanwhile, have a heavy-duty mesh screen.

One of the most impressive aspects of the icon Air is that it offers the overall space of a full awning, but with the practicality of a porch. What’s more, this is a wind-resistant design, too – although you get storm straps as standard for extra peace of mind.


Price £1264.99 (size 11) to £1465.00 (size 18)

Weight 43kg (size 14)

Dimensions 975-1000cm (size 14)

Pack size 80cm x 50cm x 50cm

Access Two side doors, two angled side doors, three front doors (size 14)

Selling points Large front windows, 300D Pro-Tel fabric, vertical storm pole pockets, night-visibility guy lines, storm buckles and straps, rear weather poles, draught skirt with ventilation

Optional extras Shaped carpet (£170), 12V electric pump (£75), annexe (£290)