There’s a certain romance to naming caravan ranges after mythical creatures – Phoenix, Pegasus and Unicorn – rather than numbers..

And Bailey continues in this vein with its latest launch: the Alicanto, named after a mythical Chilean bird, said to feed off gold and silver, whose eyes emit a strange light.

There’s perhaps even more romance to naming one of the models in the new line-up – the transverse island-bed end-washroom model – the Sintra, after a town famed for its royal palaces and glitz.

But does this 8ft-wide caravan – one of three in Bailey’s new range – live up to expectations? It certainly has all the magic of the Unicorn, but with some really sparkling new additions, including the cabinetwork and upholstery, and the latest high-tech fridge. We went to Bristol to take a closer look.