Bailey’s Unicorn was a hit with caravanners looking for affordable luxury when it replaced the Senator in September 2010. It was revised two years ago and, while the Unicorn II added improvements such as its full-height opening front window, its looks have always been controversial.

Now we have the Unicorn III. Gone are the old model’s quizzical face and Magnolia sidewalls, replaced by new front and rear mouldings and a crisp Polar White finish – making it the first all-white Bailey caravan for decades. Traditionalists may wince, but we reckon it’s a massive improvement, turning an uncomfortable-looking van into one that appears fresh and modern, if not as stylish as more curvaceous rivals such as the Swift Challenger.

As well as the new colour, there are graphics that better integrate that front window, and preview the new company look with a stylised ‘B’ on the sides that gives the model more identity. Bailey has also added its company name in chromed script front and rear, plus, more fundamentally, there’s now a rounded rear roofline that’s claimed to improve fuel consumption on tow.

It’s an eight-model range as before, with three twin-axle options, but here we’re concentrating on the single-axle Bailey Unicorn Cadiz, a big seller thanks to its popular layout of fixed twin berths with a rear washroom.