The Campmaster Duo is the first model from Camperlands to feature a kitchen inside. In fact, until fairly recently, Camperlands, based just inside the M60 in Manchester, was a well-known supplier of camping accessories, awnings and trailer tents.

Then, just before the pandemic, the caravan manufacturer started venturing into caravans as well, or rather units with proper fixed roofs. First came a tiny micro-tourers, and then the teardrop it still sells today, the Campmaster King (check out our best teardrop caravan guide if you’re after one too).

Here’s what I made of the Campmaster Duo when I saw it, a van we shortlisted for three categories at the recent Practical Caravan Awards 2024.

Pitch and set-up

There is nothing unusual about the body of the small caravan, which is manufactured in Poland. It consists of a GRP outer and inner shell with 30mm of Styrofoam in between.

It does, however, rest on a Knott chassis, rather than the Al-Ko that UK caravanners have become accustomed to. You still get a stabiliser – obviously not the ATC system – although you might not necessarily need this when the overall MTPLM is just 750kg.

The Knott chassis is slightly higher than the Al-Ko, offering slightly better clearance on things such as ferry ramps.

On the road, the Duo’s boxy shape gives it a retro air, as do the cheery decals.

The extra height means you’re likely to need a step to get in through the rear door – one is supplied as standard. The hook-up input is next to the door, and the door has a standard domestic lock, with another lock above and below. The catch that holds the door open is of sturdily solid metal.

As standard on the basic model, you get a Shade sun canopy, made for the Duo by Isabella. Pay an extra £1300 for the GLX model, however, and this becomes a full awning (but you lose 30kg of payload).

Awning attached
Depending on your choice of model, you also get a sun canopy or a full awning

Other additions in the GLX include a leisure battery that can be charged from the car, a solar panel and a front storage box.

Lounge in the Campmaster Duo

Calling the interior a lounge is stretching the point, because all you get is a double bed that takes up the whole front half in the 2 berth caravan.

There is an electric heater on the side of the cupboard in front of the bed. This does take up one of the sockets, but there are others. There are also two clusters of LED lights in the ceiling.

Go for the basic model, and that is more or less it. But in the GLX, along with the mattress, you get a triangular backrest. This can be positioned in parallel with the front of the van, or to one side.

Interior of Campmaster Duo
The mattress is designed to fold back to access storage below the bed

A well-lit interior can be an important factor when you’re choosing the best caravan. In this case, whichever version you go for, you still get plenty of daylight streaming through the Heki in the roof and the large window on the nearside. This also comes equipped with a cassette blind.

Headroom inside here is only 1.80m, so it’s not ideal for very tall people.

Kitchen in the Campmaster Duo

Even in the basic model, to the left as you step in is a sink with one cupboard above and another below, the latter partly taken up with the water tank.

There is a mains socket beside the sink and a fair amount of work surface to the right. The area is well lit by a striplight. There is a Dometic coolbox-style fridge under the worktop, too.

Kitchen in Duo
Basic worktop is surprisingly generous; shelves and induction hob in GLX version

Go for the GLX and you also get a single induction hob that sits on the work surface, and a pair of small shelves located immediately above the sink.

Washroom in the Campmaster Duo

There is no washroom in the Duo, but the GLX does give you mirrors under the shelf near the kitchen sink.

There is space for a Porta Potti in the large cupboard to the right as you enter. This is the location for the leisure battery, so if you do put the Porta Potti there, you might have to move the battery.

Beds in the Campmaster Duo

There’s no fuss here about making up the roomy and comfortable bed every night, because it is always in position.

Storage in the Campmaster Duo

Another advantage of a large permanent bed is the huge amount of storage space underneath. You can reach it from the flap under the front of the bed, or an external access flap on the offside. Folding the mattress in half (which it is designed to do) reveals a large trapdoor in the bed board. Almost all of this area should be accessible through there – you can even step down into it.

Other than that, the cupboard by the door can be used as a full-height hanging wardrobe, or you can fold out a couple of shelves.

There is another shelf above the light near the kitchen that, with the cupboards above and below the sink, should provide enough room for dry food and cookware. Enough at least for the short trips you are probably likely to make in this caravan.


You are getting a budget caravan with the Duo, but that’s no bad thing. You certainly get as much storage as you would find in some bigger vans, and a comfortable bed, too. You might not be so keen on juggling the Porta Potti with the leisure battery, however, and could miss a second hob ring.

What we like:

  • Comfortable bed, good road clearance, ample storage

What we don’t like:

  • Porta Potti location, single hob

Or you could try:

  • Vagabond Rogue: coming in a range of colourways and providing an innovative design, the Vagabond Rogue is a rugged teardrop.
  • La Mancelle Fantaisy 440 CL: this four-berth provides high-quality construction and some Continental flair.
  • Bailey Discovery D4-2: it may have a pared-back design, but this tourer provides lots of flexibility.

Technical spec of the Campmaster Duo

  • Price: From £11,699
  • Berths: 2
  • MiRO: 615kg basic/645kg GLX
  • Payload: 135/105kg
  • MTPLM: 750kg
  • Interior length: 3.20m
  • Shipping length: 4.61m
  • Overall width: 2.00m

Spec list

  • Interior lighting
  • Fitted electric heater
  • Mains and 12V electrics
  • Fridge
  • Induction hob (GLX)
  • Bed 1.88 x 1.50m

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