Until quite recently, if you mentioned the term ‘mini-caravan’, a standard selection of models might spring to mind – little Eribas, a T@B teardrop, or perhaps a Go-Pod.

Now, with the switch to electric vehicles on the rise, and the relatively reduced towing capacity they currently offer, other people are getting in on the game.

First Wheelhome, an Essex firm that had specialised in small campers, brought out the Dashaway. Now Camperlands, a Manchester company with a long track record in trailer tents, awnings and other camping equipment, has brought out its first fully fledged caravan.

The Campmaster will be available in three spec levels, with a choice of specially designed awnings or a sun canopy to go with it. Even if you opt for the most expensive spec, you will still get a caravan and awning package for less than £10,000 including delivery.


Available in three spec levels, the compact size makes the Camperlands Campmaster easily manoeuvrable

Pitch and set-up

The Camperlands MiniCamp, introduced a couple of years ago, had just enough space to sleep one person. The new Campmaster provides room for two people to sleep, and to sit up for a meal, too. This part of the van is the same, whichever spec level you choose. The differences come largely in the services on-board, the type of awning or canopy, and what is fitted in the rear compartment.

LC1 will get you a basic shell, which means the rear compartment is empty; LC2 adds mains electrics, with a fuse box taking up some space in the compartment; LC3 adds mains and 12V, USB sockets, internal lighting, a radio with Bluetooth connectivity, and a kitchen unit in the rear compartment.

The Campmaster has polyester sidewalls with 30mm insulation all around. It also sits on a fully braked Knott chassis.


LC2 provides mains power, while LC3 gives you 12V electrics and internal lighting