Practical Caravan's reviewers give their expert verdict on the 2012 Lunar Lexon 420, a two-berth with luxurious end-washroom, all in a 13ft long caravan


End-washroom two-berth tourers are tradtionally seen as the luxury option for couples who don't want a fixed-bed.

In order to deliver such luxury however, over recent seasons, they have grown significantly. Intially, 14ft was enough, then 15ft and recent end-washroom models have crept over the 16ft mark. Extra length means extra weight and tougher storage so Lunar decided to go the other way, squeezing the new Lexon 420 into a 13ft shell.

Pitching and setting up

Setting up small caravans is a cinch compared to bigger vans and the 420 is no exception. With an MTPLM of 1150kg, this is light enough to tow behind a Ford Focus diesel without flouting the 85% rule.

All the services are easy to reach and despite the meagre weight and size, there's a Al-Ko hitch head stabiliser to ensure good on-road behaviour. The access for the chemical toilet is on the offside, so it doesn't need emptyiing through the awning either.


The Lexon has a deceptively spacious lounge. The large, long seats are well lit, tastefully (if unadventurously) furnished and comfortable, too.

If you were looking to pick holes, the provision for a television is pretty limited, with only the centre chest available. Something we've noticed on Lexon models before is the large amount of 'wall' visible between the top of the windows and the bottom of the front lockers. Not an issue, but it does restrict the view a little.


The kitchen space is slightly snug, but it's very well designed. A full complement of kit is on offer, with a proper cooker and separate grill, microwave and a large fridge by Thetford. The cooker has an electric hotplate and three gas burners.

The side-opening kitchen roof lockers are new for 2012 look nice and make stowing your crockery easier. All told, it works well but we wish that microwave was a little lower down as it is still a bit of a stretch.


This is the most important bit of this caravan because it is where buying decisions will be made. All rival models have far bigger washrooms, but all rivals are nearly a metre longer in total.

We really like the compact end-washroom. The shower feels bigger than you expect, the storage is fine and the wash basin and sink feel pretty plush for a relatively compact compartment. All told, this is a very successful space.


Although a short caravan, the 420 boasts a full-width bodyshell and that means that front lounge bed feels huge. That's because it is, measuring 6ft(1.8m) by 7ft (2.13m). It's reasonably flat too and with the cushions turned on their front, it makes a comfortable and supportive bed.

There are lights in each corner for reading and the centre chest is a good side table for glasses, reading books and other night time paraphernalia.


The wardrobe is big, and to an extent dominates the interior space. Happily though, that translates to excellent storage. There are shelves on the left as you face it, and the dining table is stored inside on the right. The heater lives underneath.

Elsewhere, the water heater occupies space under the offside seat, and the battery locker eats into the available space on the nearside. For a couple on tour however, storage should not be an issue, aside from in the kitchen area.

Technical specs

Interior length4.17m
Shipping length5.72m
Awning size1000cm


The Lexon 420 brings end-washroom caravans back into a compact bodyshell – and not before time. If you want comfort and class, but in a compact, easy-to-tow package, this has a lot of commend it.



  • End-washroom comfort in a short, wide body
  • Much improved interiors compared to 2011 Lexons


  • Wardrobe in the living area makes it claustrophobic
  • Smaller washroom won't suit everyone