In 1995, Lunar replaced its Meteorite range, a couple’s tourer that had grown in size over the years.

The replacement, the compact Ariva, retained the popular end-kitchen, two-berth layout. It was also briefly joined by a four-berth version.

The Ariva has seen off its competitors from home and abroad, and continues to be one of Lunar’s steady sellers. But this is no basic entry-level tourer: it comes fully equipped with Quasar spec and is classed as one of that family.

The Ariva may be looking a little long in the tooth in terms of styling, but it seems that many buyers’ priorities don’t include the latest fashions.

This is a lightweight van, too, so as with all Lunars, it is well suited to the new generation of tow cars, which these days also tend to be lighter.

The brand is heading for its 25th year (and Lunar celebrates its 50th birthday in September), and from its launch all those years ago, we’ve always been impressed by the line-up’s practical design, stable towing and easy storage.