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Bang on trend and new for 2018, the Delta TR brings the popular island-bed, centre-washroom layout to this upmarket range of Lunar caravans – is it a hit?


Lunar’s Delta range has often been described as a twin-axle version of its upmarket Clubman line-up.

But that’s not strictly true, because the Clubman has always offered more layout possibilities.

This season, Lunar has gone some way to evening things up by launching the Lunar Delta TR, a four-berth with a central washroom and an in-line island bed – in other words, a layout just like the well-established Lunar Clubman SR.

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Pitching and setting up

You’ll immediately notice that the 2018 Delta has a slightly different front profile than before.

That’s because there’s a single gas-bottle locker extending right across the front – it’s easier to reach and holds more than before.

This season’s Delta also includes new grabhandles that are lit up at night. That adds a welcome touch of class.


The problem with the in-line island bed layout is that unless you have a very long caravan, so much room is taken up with the bed at the rear, that sometimes not a lot of space is left for anything else.

The 2018 Lunar Delta TR is a case in point: the front lounge is perfectly adequate for four, but it would be a bit of a squeeze for any more than that.

That said, the lounge might be on the small side, but it is nicely decked out with comfy cushions to the settees, four stylish chunky spotlights, plus a mains socket in the corner for your radio.

On the other side of the entrance door there is also a useful sideboard with cubbyholes, while the freestanding table has its own storage slot in the kitchen.

Sunlight streams in through the sunroof and the large rooflight, and the wood tone is a good deal warmer than in its mid-range Lexon sibling.

The furnishings in this Lunar caravan, however, are a different matter.

They are ‘Durango’ – a sort of duck egg blue. It’s the kind of colour that is suddenly very fashionable, but then could just as quickly fade in popularity.


The central kitchen’s design really is similar to the Lunar Lexon 660’s. There’s the same L-shaped worktop with two slightly out of sync cupboards beneath.

The only difference is that in the Lunar Delta TR you get two classy vegetable baskets inside the left-hand cupboard instead of a removable wooden shelf.

On the wall just above the worktop you will also easily find light switches as well as a mains and a USB socket.

On the right of the worktop, beyond the round stainless-steel sink, is a four-burner dual-fuel hob.

The three overhead lockers here stick out beyond those in the lounge, while their doors don’t have any detailing. The middle locker includes a shelf.

There is a Thetford Aspire 2 oven and grill below the hob, and below it a small pan locker.

Opposite is a 170-litre Dometic fridge and freezer, with a microwave on top of it – a bit of a reach for some.

Another small pan locker at the bottom makes the best use of the room in front of the wheel arch.


As with the Lexon range of Lunar caravans, the 2018 Delta line-up includes a smallish Belfast-style sink in the washroom, bathed in light from a large rooflight.

On the nearside there is a surprisingly spacious circular shower, while on the offside – away from any potential awning – the loo sits in front of an opaque window.

There is a large cupboard right next to the loo and two more small ones in this washroom: one high above the loo and one under the sink.

You also get a heated towel rail.


As is the custom nowadays, the island bed can be retracted to form a day bed.

In this van it would make a very pleasant place to kick back and read the Sunday papers because the whole room is flooded with light from a very large rooflight.

Even at night-time you won’t miss out, because there are more of those chunky spotlights.

As for the size of the bed, it might be wide at 1.32m, but it’s not excessively long at only 1.7m. Fortunately, there is enough space for tallish people to stick their feet out if they need to. There is a mains socket on the shelf on this pillar.

Because of the size of the front lounge, the front bed can really only be a make-up double – but a substantial (2.08m x 1.49-1.14m) double at that, and it’s easily made up with slatted platforms that pull out.

The offside settee is 30cm longer than the nearside, so someone can enjoy a cup of tea without disturbing the slumberers.


The Lunar Delta TR’s island bed lifts up to reveal a huge T-shaped area that is clear and can be accessed externally from both sides.

In the lounge, the nearside underseat area is clear, and the offside one, too – almost.

Staying in the lounge, there is only one large overhead locker on the nearside, and it is shelved, but there are two on the offside, and Lunar has cleverly installed corner lockers in the awkward front corners.

Technical specs

Interior length6.34m
Shipping length7.89m
Awning size1090cm


The 2018 Lunar Delta TR is a well-designed caravan, with particularly good storage.

It is perhaps ideally suited to regularly touring couples who take friends or grandchildren with them.

However, there are plenty of competitor vans out there, and it might even be worth seeing how this layout works in an Alaria format (if you have the money and a wide enough storage area), because from what we have seen of the prototype, you might be amazed at the space on offer.



  • Storage is excellent, including under the island bed
  • The central washroom is pleasantly roomy
  • The front locker is easy to access
  • This van has a well-equipped kitchen


  • The front lounge is a little small
  • The rear island bed isn't enormous
  • We think the trendy ‘Durango’ trim may fall out of fashion