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Extra kit adorns the 2018 Adria Adora 612 DL Seine – but it's had a price-hike, too. Is it worth it? Step inside with our review of this updated caravan


Special editions are something usually associated with dealerships, but manufacturers occasionally get in on the act, too.

Slovenian mega-producer Adria released special Silver Collection editions of popular models to celebrate its half-century in 2015, adding a slew of desirable extras.

The end result was so successful that Platinum Collection (PC) variants appeared in the following model year, of the Adora 613 DT Isonzo and 613 UT Thames four-berths.

Keen to keep the story evolving, PC doesn’t make the cut for 2018, but the baubles that comprised the enhanced spec (including grey sides and Alde wet central heating) are now incorporated into the standard offering.

In the case of the upper mid-market Adora, this means a choice of four models, including the four-berth 612 DL Seine, reviewed here.

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Pitching and setting up

Like all Adria caravans, the Adora Seine rides on an Al-Ko chassis.

A buttonless handbrake makes for an easier pitching routine, but the front corner steady bolts are located at an oblique angle and require a proper crouch-down to locate.

Mains hook-up connections are on the offside of the van, as are the water inlet and drains, which keeps the awning side clear of any services.

There’s a nearside door with a half-length window, and the electrical switchgear is on the right as you enter.


Adria exports 98% of its total production, so it’s very well practised at finding a design vibe that will translate well to as many territories as possible.

If you’re not a fan of Continental décor, move on.

If you are, then 2018’s Adria Adora caravans build on the look and feel of previous seasons, with light woods, white work surfaces and considered use of materials that enhance the overall finish.

The Seine’s lounge has textured oatmeal soft furnishings that should do a good job of hiding touring wear and tear, while keeping things firmly on the bright and airy side.

Parallel sofas form the lounge seating – and with no centre chest, this is a U-shaped space, but you can use a tip-up flap under the front windows for resting drinks and snacks.

For more serious catering uses, a substantial folding lounge table stows in a locker next to the entrance door.

With five windows, a front skylight and a rooflight at the end of the lounge, the Seine is well endowed with natural light, with over-locker ambient lighting and under-locker spotlights on call for evenings.


Space is not restricted in the Adria Adora 612 DL Seine’s galley.

It’s located midships, on the offside, and offers cooks a generous amount of work surface.

Three gas burners are arranged in a line, for ease of use, and sit in a stainless steel base that’s integrated with a square sink, so any cooking spills can simply be wiped into the sink – a practical arrangement.

Equipment includes a separate oven and grill under the hobs, and an on-trend dual-fuel tall skinny fridge.


End washrooms are the ideal blend of comfort and convenience, and the Adora Seine’s is well executed.

Enter via a domestic-style door to find a shower cubicle with a smart riser, opposite a cassette toilet.

In the middle of all this is a salad-bowl sink and a stylish mixer tap, under a vanity unit with two task lights.

There’s certainly enough space to get dressed in this Adria caravan, with Alde central heating vents to keep things warm.


Packing the popular fixed twin-single beds floorplan, the Adria Adora Seine could either be used as an out-and-out couple’s van, sleeping in the single beds and keeping the lounge free for what it’s designed for, or as a four-berth by using the large make-up double bed in the front lounge, which is a generous 2.12m x 1.54m.

The twin singles sit low to the floor for easy ingress and egress, and have a tip-up headboard for comfortable night-time reading.

The lounge bed makes up easily using slats that pull out from both bed frames, and the seat cushions fit together snugly to form a firm but comfortable sleeping surface.


There really is no shortage of places to distribute one’s worldly goods in this 2018-season van, and as an Adria caravan seldom offers a measly payload, you can expect to take plenty of touring essentials and supplies with you.

Choose from eight large overhead lockers, a full-length nearside wardrobe, two rear bed-boxes and two lounge seat-boxes.

And that’s in addition to two wide and deep drawers in the kitchen – so much more user-friendly than having to have just cupboards.

That said, a cupboard with three shelves is thoughtfully provided next to the entrance door, under the TV counter, and will be useful for keeping everyday items at hand.

Technical specs

Interior length6.14m
Shipping length8.24m
Awning size1072cm


When last reviewed, the Adria Adora 612 DL Seine scored a respectable four stars.

There’s no need for this to change in respect of the 2018 model: it’s a tried-and-tested layout.

The inclusion of the former special-edition enhancements as standard kit makes sense, but the price has risen by around 16%.

This is a bit of an eyebrow-raiser, but Adria caravans are very well built, and the Seine will make a wise investment that will offer years of good service.



  • It has an attractive exterior and a sharp interior vibe
  • You get Alde heating
  • There's a separate oven and grill, and adjustable fixed bed headrests
  • Storage is excellent and there's a generous user payload


  • The front corner steady bolts are fixed at a 45° angle
  • Al-Ko ATC is a big omission at this increased price point