Coachman’s 2016 VIP range looks visually very similar to previous years, and that’s no bad thing, as it’s always stood out from the crowd with its bold lines. However, what is different is the construction. These caravans are now built using Coachman’s ABC (Advanced Bonded Construction) methods, where the body is glued rather than being screwed together. Any timber has also been replaced with polyurethane (PU) materials, which is both lighter and impervious to water.

Despite the very slight weight reduction, the VIP 565 is still one hefty van, and you’ll need a tow car approaching 2000kg to get an 85% ratio, although we suspect that it’s more likely to be bought by experienced tow car drivers. 

The 565 layout has the now very popular fixed twin beds with an end washroom. Let’s have a closer inspection. And to see other Coachman caravans for sale, click here.