Everyone needs lightweight, folding camping chairs for their caravan holidays, so Practical Caravan is here to help.

We’ve put a range of chairs to the test in our group product review, to ensure that when you’re sitting on site in a camping chair it isn’t a punishment for your posterior. We considered many factors when testing these seats. Value for money and ease of use were important, as was space, because even when folded, some chairs take up a lot of room, which makes them inconvenient when on tour, even if your caravan has a decent amount of storage capacity. 

Portability is another issue – how easy are these lightweight camping chairs to carry from A to B? Of course, that might simply be taking them from the car to the awning, or next door to your friend’s pitch, but how easy or heavy are they to take and out and about, perhaps on a hike or a walk to the beach? Which brings to mind weight. How heavy is the chair to lift – and how much weight can the chair hold? It is vital to know the weight of the heaviest person a chair can support. The benchmark for this test is 100kg, about 15.5 stone, but some chairs are stronger than others, so check prior to purchase.

Finally, we looked at comfort and how easy the chairs are to get out of. Is it a lounger or a chair to be used at table? How far from the ground do you want to sit? And if a chair has a firm seat base, robust handles and a high seating position, that’s great as it will be easier to get out of. So, how did the Coleman Sling Chair fare in the Practical Caravan review?

You know the feeling of a hot bath after a hard day’s work? This raked-back chair imparts the same sensation. Nothing else we tested matches it for all-out restfulness. The curved armrests help make it more comfortable, too, while the inclined and high back panel will support both your head and your neck. In fact, it is amply supportive for sitting up, although back support is limited. Bars on either side of the seat base make standing up easier, but some may need to shuffle to the front, which is higher. The light aluminium frame, polyester fabric and thin but rather handy storage bag make it a breeze to carry – it weighs only 3.65kg.

What about its load capacity? You’ll be pleased to learn that the Coleman Sling Chair can take a weight of up to 113kg, making this high-backed camping chair versatile. It retails at £44 and impressed our test team, receiving a four-star rating.

In the same group test, the Practical Caravan review team also looked at the Gelert Caldera Moon Chair, the Gelert Milldale Executive Chair, the Easy Camp Director’s Chair, the Kampa Tub Chair, the Alite Mayfly and the Outwell Spring Hills camping chair, judging them using the same criteria. For the full list of all our other chair reviews, please click here.