Up until this year, end-kitchen two-berth caravans were supposed to be on their way out, as more and more people opted for the luxury of end washrooms or a space-consuming fixed bed.

Improvements in campsite restaurants possibly helped as well.

But for the 2018 season, the company that was The Explorer Group, now Erwin Hymer UK, seemed to have bucked the trend by launching a more luxuriously spaced version of the end-kitchen two-berth layout in a number of its ranges.

The Elddis Affinity 462 has already wowed some judges in other parts of the caravan press. But Affinity is technically the middle of the three Elddis ranges – more the equivalent of a Compass Capiro.

And Affinity’s strongly contrasting colour schemes of dark wood and pale upholstery might not suit those more attracted by the cooler, more Continental look of the Compass.

So how does this set up work in the more keenly priced Casita range?

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