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The Practical Caravan Elddis Affinity 574 review – 1 - The exterior’s smart looks incorporate a new ABS front panel with grey gas locker, plus a glazed two-piece entrance door and alloy wheels (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Elddis Affinity 574 2018

  • 4-berth
  • 1500kg MTPLM

Fresh looks mark out the revised-for-2018 Elddis Affinity 574 but there's more to it than that – see if its updated twin-single beds layout works for you

Created on 31st August 2017

3.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Elddis Affinity 530 review 1 - The 2016 Elddis Affinity 530 has an MTPLM of 1406kg, which can be upgraded for free to 1500kg (© Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)

Elddis Affinity 530 2016

  • 3-berth
  • 1406kg MTPLM

Well-specced, with a side-dinette, end-washroom layout, the Elddis Affinity 530 is well worth a look for touring couples – read Practical Caravan's review

Created on 28th October 2015

4.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan 2015 Elddis Affinity 554 review - New graphics help break up the uninterrupted expanse of sidewall on the nearside of the Elddis Affinity 554, which adds a new layout to the range for 2015 (© Practical Caravan)

Elddis Affinity 554 2015

  • 4-berth
  • 1476kg MTPLM

Practical Caravan's reviewers like what they see in their first look at the Elddis Affinity 554, an island-bed van unveiled for the 2015 mid-market range

Created on 26th August 2014

3.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan review of the Elddis Affinity 574 1 - Practical Caravan reviews the four-berth Elddis Affinity 574, which has an MTPLM of 1496kg (© Practical Caravan)

Elddis Affinity 574 2013

  • 4-berth
  • 1496kg MTPLM

Long twin fixed beds, a low weight and Alde central heating scored points for the Elddis Affinity 574 in this review by the Practical Caravan team

Created on 17th February 2015


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Elddis Affinity 540 front 3-4 (© Tim Andrew/Practical Caravan)

Elddis Affinity 540 2013

  • 4-berth
  • 1450kg MTPLM

An award winner when new, but how does the Elddis Affinity 540 fare in the tough Practical Caravan review?

Created on 4th December 2013

5.0 stars


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