That name might be a bit of a mouthful, but there’s certainly plenty to talk about with this new inflatable porch awning from Kampa. It’s the integral extension – the Plus bit, if you like – that really seals the deal here.

It’s very clever. It doesn’t sit on the caravan’s rail, but it is part of the single-point inflation setting-up procedure. Note, too, that you can order your Club Air Pro 390 Plus with its extension on the right or the left, leaving you with further options for even more room on the other side.

That Plus extension gives you a large storage space (for bikes, barbecues and so on). Or a bedroom (inner optional). Or you can remove an internal wall panel for a grand single living area. In addition, the Plus has a windowed back wall that can zip open, should you want to get to exterior-access lockers on your caravan.

But such is the overall design, you only need 390cm of rail to attach this awning. The main unit’s 2.75m depth is a bit more than many, but not so much that you’ll have any difficulties on marked-out pitches.

It might look a bit traditional, but all the latest technologies are here. For example, the main fabric is Kampa’s Weathershield Pro Material. It’s tough (300 denier), waterproof (6,000mm hydrostatic head) and, being a poly cotton mix with a degree of breathability, is nicer to live in than cheaper all-polyesters.

Pre-shaped roof beams give you a dual-pitch roofline that makes for optimising headroom right to the outer edges of the awning, as well as offering an easier route for rain to run off. Also helpful in this latter respect is the short canopy.

Another new item is Kampa’s latest front-door design.

Comprising two panels, it’s an easy enough task to roll back the two doorways. They’re not full window, but you can part-open them for a veranda effect. Above, there are new front central permanent vents, too.

The side doors have mesh sections, but there’s also an optional mesh panel kit, should you want them on all openings. Kampa watchers will note the new pattern to the (previously all-white) curtains.

But the option that’s causing most interest is the extra-tall windbreak (hooks pre-fitted).

Yes, you need to think about annexe weights. But you could leave some items at home.