The arrival of the Lexon 590 means that Lunar’s popular mid-market range is the latest to benefit from a layout that is the height of fashion.

Of course, that means a layout with an in-line island bed and a tranverse washroom amidships, featuring a central washbasin on the wall separating it from the bedroom, with sliding doors to either side of the bed.

In fact, the Lexon may have one over on rival models that feature this layout, because it also has an internally and externally accessed storage locker that goes right across the back of the van beneath said bed.

Storing bulky items there shouldn’t necessarily affect balance on the road too much, because most of the heavy weight in the van itself – the washroom, but also the heavier kitchen utilities – are positioned either over the axle or slightly forward of it, thus forming a counterbalance.

So does this tourer set a new standard for others to follow?

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