If you thought that SunnCamp was in danger of becoming something of a sleeping giant in the awnings market, 2017 might be the ideal time to revisit its offerings – especially when it comes to models such as this.

Sitting at the very top of the company’s inflatables range as far as size is concerned, the Master is effectively a 450cm awning, but it does slightly taper at the sides. Instead, look at it as having all of the features of a full awning, only scaled down a bit.

It also comes with a highly flexible sun canopy that zips onto its front, or – thanks to fitted beading – can be added directly to the awning rail of your caravan.

That’s really handy if you don’t want to put up the main awning, but still require a modicum of shelter. Alternatively, with the awning up, you can switch the canopy to the other side of your tourer. Nifty!

There are a few other 2017 upgrades to report. For example, although the standard foot pump is retained, pressure in the poles is up from last year’s 5psi to 7psi.

Here, you get the main bladder infrastructure, plus five individual beams that you’ll need to inflate separately and add-in as required.

On test, it took 12 pumps per beam – hardly back-breaking stuff. The valves are set a little higher this year, too.

Also new are the patterned mud walls. SunnCamp designs these for the outside, where they’re most effective. That’s more the Continental way: we Brits often like to tuck them under inside, thinking it’s more cosy.

The Advance Master’s main fabric is the company’s own, new 300D Protek. It has a 6000mm hydrostatic head, so it’s more than capable of coping with the wettest conditions.

When the sun does come out, the two front panels can be rolled down or removed completely, in all manner of configurations. The same goes for the door at each side.

Other notable standard features include the luminous straps and guylines, a permanent vent over the centre front area, a draught skirt, and a vertical metal storm bar.

A single veranda pole is offered as standard – you can order more if required. There’s also a centre strut for the permanent canopy extension, should you want it.

A key option for the SunnCamp Advance Master 450 is the annexe that can be fitted on either side.

D-rings in the ceiling of the main living area are for another potentially useful extra: a roof lining (£38.99), which adds an additional layer of heat- and light-insulation.

What other options are available? An annexe is £270, breathable flooring is £12.95, vertical storm poles cost £17.25, it is £39.99 for carpet and the Handy Organiser storage pockets are £26.99.