Since its inception in 1985, Swift’s Challenger range has broken ground with sleek looks and innovative features – the first donned rear spoilers, believed at the time to improve fuel efficiency. The attractive specification and variety of layouts helped make Challengers among Swift’s most successful models. 

Over the past few years, though, its identity has been muddied by the introduction of two line-ups bearing the Challenger badge: Sport kept prices lower by keeping its features simpler, while SE models splashed out more. 

For 2016, the Challenger name is back as a single range, whose showroom appeal is heightened by its GRP end panels, sidewalls and hail-resistant roof, Swift Smart construction and wood-free sandwich floors. 

The Challenger 580 boasts the popular transverse island bed. It’s accompanied by a front lounge, an offside kitchen, a full-width end washroom and contemporary décor. What else does the range, and this model in particular, have to win over buyers? And to see other Swift caravans for sale, click here.