For several years now, the VIP 575 and the Laser 575 Xtra have been pretty much neck and neck in the race to be Coachman’s bestseller.

But what is it that makes the Coachman VIP 575 special enough to turn it into such a perennially popular choice?

Coachman has done consistently well over the years in terms of both new and used tourers in our Owner Satisfaction Survey awards, where the best caravan manufacturers are revealed. So there appears to be a ‘peace of mind’ factor covering the entire Coachman portfolio, with lots of satisfied customers. It’s subsequently not surprising that another tourer from the brand, the Coachman Laser Xtra 665 was our pick for the best caravan for couples at the Practical Caravan Awards 2024, with our judging panel thinking it would be ideal not only for two on tour, but also for couples touring together.

Here, I’m taking a look at the VIP 575, one which has an ever-popular transverse island bed layout – on paper, it should be a sure-fire winner.

Pitch and set-up

Coachman introduced the current VIP bodyshell in 2018, and it still looks good after six years. So if it ain’t broke, why fix it? In our experience, the twin front lockers work well, too. Granted, you wouldn’t fit large water containers in them, but for everyday use, they’re more than adequate.

The VIP is well equipped, as you would expect from a brand that produces luxury caravans. It comes with heavy-duty corner steadies and the ATC system fitted as standard.

Add to that an external barbecue point and mains socket, as well as two external locker doors, alloys and an Al-Ko Secure wheel lock. Then there are neat touches like an external services light on the offside.

Lounge in the Coachman VIP 575

The front lounge is perhaps the one area of the VIP 575 that is a bit of a compromise – the settees are a little on the short side. But that’s a problem common to most types of caravan with this layout and length.

This is still a lovely place to be, whether it’s lit naturally or artificially. It’s always bright: the panoramic front window must be one of the biggest on the market.

As well as all of the ambient lighting, you get four touch-control reading lights, and a TV point above the fridge (complete with a USB and a USB-C port), where one of the best caravan TVs could go.

Lounge with parallel seating
The front chest is recessed, creating more floor space

Thanks to that external front locker arrangement, the front chest is recessed, creating more floor area.

The radio speakers are also sensibly placed so you can hear the sound without your neighbours having to listen, too.

Kitchen in the Coachman VIP 575

The kitchen comes very well specified, and while the work surface at first appears to be at a premium, there’s a good-sized fold-up extension at the end of the unit.

In addition, you also get more worktop above the Thetford fridge on the nearside (although some of the space is likely to be taken up by a TV), so it’s not as restrictive as it might first appear. There’s a plateless microwave, but for some buyers, it might be set a little too high up for comfort.

The kitchen in the Coachman VIP 575
There’s plenty of storage capacity in the well-appointed kitchen

We do like the fact that there are two mains sockets in the kitchen, sensibly placed so that both can be used at the same time. This is not always the case.

Sleeping in the Coachman VIP 575

Without a doubt, the 575 will be mainly used by couples as a luxurious two-berth.

As is usual, the fixed bed retracts during the day, leaving a 78cm-wide space in which to get past the foot. When extended, this gap is reduced to 28cm, just enough to use for night-time trips to the toilet (but only just). As well as a shelf on each side of the bed for your morning cuppa, there are handy pockets close by for stowing away phones and so on.

Fixed bed retracted
Generous fixed bed retracts during the day for more floor space

The front settees would only be suitable as single beds for young children, owing to their lack of length, but they convert with slats into a second large double bed.

Washroom in the Coachman VIP 575

For as long as we can remember, Coachman has always provided splendid washrooms, and this one is no exception. Even the salad-bowl handbasin works well.

Washroom in the Coachman VIP 575
Luxurious washroom provides salad-bowl basin below large mirror

Our one small gripe is the lack of daylight in the washroom. Although there is an opaque window, the rooflight is small and is of the pop-up variety, so doesn’t let in much natural light. However, the excellent artificial lighting helps to make up for that.

Storage in the Coachman VIP 575

Storage is one aspect where the 575 excels. Even discounting the underbed areas, you still get enough space to take a spare kitchen sink, especially if the caravan is being used by a couple.

Kitchen storage is great, too, one of the highlights being a cleverly designed pull-out double-deck basket.

Although neither of the two wardrobes is large, their combined space is more than adequate, each providing a cupboard in the lower section and one also having a drawer. Those, coupled with three overhead lockers in the bedroom, should be plenty for a touring couple’s clothing.

As with the rest of the caravan, the washroom storage is well up to the task.

Alternatives to the Coachman VIP 575

The Swift Challenger Exclusive 580 is a comfortable option for couples to consider for weekends or longer trips, not only looking smart but also providing an excellent spec. Alternatively, try the La Mancelle Fantaisy 440 CL – the tourer provides Continental flair and excellent build construction, with plenty of kit and an excellent payload.

Technical spec

  • Price: £35,790
  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1504kg
  • Payload: 156kg
  • MTPLM: 1660kg
  • Interior length: 5.80m
  • Shipping length: 7.43m
  • Overall width: 2.31m

Spec list

  • ATC
  • Alloy wheels
  • Al-Ko Secure wheel lock
  • Teleco Teleplus TV aerial
  • Exterior BBQ point and mains socket
  • Nearside awning light
  • Offside services light
  • Alde heating
  • Omnivent
  • Rear double: 1.87 x 1.37m
  • Front double: 2.07 x 1.39m or two singles: 1.51 x 0.73m

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