Swift’s first attempt at the increasingly popular triple bunk layout seems to tick all the boxes. It’s a layout designed for families, providing a separate rear bedroom for smallish children with the three bunk beds you can leave permanently made up and a dinette that you can convert to a fourth bed if needed. This leaves the front lounge that converts to two singles or a large double bed. Between the two areas there’s a central washroom and kitchen. 

The offside fixed bunks each have individual windows and lamps and their length is just as good as rivals of this layout. For play space and meal times the opposite dinette is roomy enough for at least four little ones. Also the mounting shoe for the table leg is a great addition to help stop the curse of the sliding table, especially useful with over excited children. 

The open curved shelves are an attractive feature and great for storing books and toys. For clothes and bedding, there is space under each dinette seat as well as three overhead lockers. The only criticism is the larger locker would benefit from shelves to avoid a messy pile-up of clothes.

Lack of light isn’t an issue thanks to the large rooflight, further two windows, main ceiling light and spotlights over the dinette. A fabric curtain is used to seal off the area rather than a more solid and soundproof wooden door.