Any dealer special worth considering has to offer more than just new upholstery. 

It should also include lots of extra spec – that makes the van extraordinary, but not at an extraordinary price. 

So dealers offering special editions often base them on entry-level ranges – there’s not much chance of improving on a Buccaneer or an Alaria, for example. 

Occasionally, a gap opens in the market where other arrangements are possible. This season’s Swift line-up is a case in point. With the demise of the Conqueror, there is now some difference between the Challengers, with their optional Alde heating but still fairly mid–market look, and the next-rung-up Elegances – not to mention the Grandes. 

Broad Lane Leisure is now hoping to exploit that gap with its 2019 range of Fairway Platinum caravans, based on the Challenger. 

To continue our look at dealer specials on offer this year, we went to Kenilworth to see how the dealer, which has offered Swift-based specials for more than 25 years, believes it can improve on the best-selling Challenger 635.