It seems as if everyone who is anyone has a transverse island bed these days. And why not? The benefits of the layout are obvious: it means that couples who still prefer to share a bed but need to use the loo in the middle of the night can do so without disturbing each other, rather than having to clamber over your partner in a fixed nearside bed or being forced to opt for twin singles.

Until recently, however, this floorplan has been the preserve of the luxury tourer, occasionally filtering down to mid-market models. That all changed last year when the Swift Group dropped a bomb into the budget sector by launching its best- selling Sprite Major 4 SB, which brought all of the benefits of this domestic-style layout into a van that cost less than £15,000.

At the time we predicted that other manufacturers would follow suit and, sure enough, the first to enter the fray is Lunar’s entry-level brand Venus with the new 570/4. It slots into the range between the fixed-twin- bed 550/4 and the six-berth 580/6, and extends the line-up to six models for 2016.