In spring 2015, the Knaus Tabbert Group launched the Weinsberg brand into the UK market. Here we are reviewing a model from the entry-level CaraOne range, the 400 LK

There are seven layouts in the CaraOne line-up, five of which are four-berth vans with MTPLMs not exceeding 1350kg. There’s also the six-berth 550 UK and the seven-berth 740 UDF, with MTPLMs of 1500kg and 1900kg respectively, the latter marketed as a seasonal pitch.

The babies of the CaraOne range are the 390 QD and this, the 400 LK. Both are just 5.92m long and 2.2m wide, with MTPLMs of only 1100kg and 210kg payloads. The compact 400 LK we’re reviewing here features a distinctive transverse-bunk layout and at just shy of £11,000, it sounds like an affordable starter van. Read on as we take a closer look at the Weinsberg CaraOne 400 LK, an interesting alternative for young families seeking an entry-level tourer.