Do you ever wish life were simpler? As you get older, do you ever wish that you could hitch up a caravan that didn’t require too much tugging about, that you didn’t need a gas-guzzling car to tow it, that you didn’t need towing mirrors, or that you could park your van in your garage? Well, now you can.

The Dashaway – which comes with a Motor Mover, an inverter and a 190W solar panel – is from Essex-based company Wheelhome. It’s a new mini-caravan with a shipping length of only 4m, an on-the-road width of 1.24m (narrower than many cars), an overall height of 1.84m and a MiRO of just 720kg. Its designer, Stephen Wheeler, has so far towed it with a Ford Fiesta, a Suzuki Swift, and a Golf GTE. A reversing camera is an optional extra.

In case you think that height and width sound just too small, the Dashaway has an electric raising roof and a side pod that rolls out electronically to create living space. Steven has even patented a name for this – the Podrant. 

The privacy-glass window on the Podrant in our test model is a £388 extra, while the optional back panel costs £165.

So, at £23,825, does this IVA-compliant caravan make sense?