Micro-caravans make great tourers for singletons and couples and are ideal for towing behind a small car. We take a look at this offering from Italian manufacturer Wingamm.

Wingamm, which has been manufacturing motorhomes since 1977, specialising in GRP moulded construction, branched out into tourer production several years ago. The Italian manufacturer has applied its GRP construction methods to a quirky-looking micro-caravan.

The Rookie tourer didn’t quite make its mark on the UK market. But now it’s back. It joins five Wingamm motorhome models on the forecourt of Wingamm UK, based in Edinburgh, and is now enjoying a slow but growing demand. 

Available as a two-berth layout (with the option for a third), this 3.5m-long tourer is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre on site and can be towed by most small cars, and that includes the diminutive Fiat 500.