Elddis first launched the Xplore in 2008, in answer to the Sprite, Bailey Ranger, Avondale Dart and Lunar Zenith – all entry-level models.

The Xplore took a little time to find its place in a crowded market and it wasn’t until the Elddis badge appeared and some upgrades were added that the brand started to feature on customers’ buying lists.

In 2010, the baby Xplore 302 end-kitchen two-berth made its debut. With a popular L-shaped front lounge, it sold quite well for several years.

Elddis added the four-berth 304 in late 2010 and apart from a few niggles, we reckoned this tourer had mileage.

With a good selection of models, the Xplore has been steady for Elddis, with many built as dealer specials. But does the 304 retain its appeal for 2019?

The 302 was dropped in 2013 and the 304 now serves as an ideal tourer for two, further widening its appeal. With the SE options pack racking up the spec (none will be ordered without it), the 304 is not badly specified, either.