When Bailey changed its production processes in 2009, the Alu-Tech system was rolled out on new ranges. One of these was the Orion, a rather quirky tourer that had somewhat limited appeal. So in late 2013, Bailey introduced the Pursuit.

This new line-up was more practical in design, lightweight and with a good spec. The range had a great choice of layouts and was updated after a couple of years, before being dropped.

The Pursuit’s spec included blown-air heating, a radio/CD player, Status TV aerial, fridge, oven and shower. Although it was described as a sunroof, up front, the Bailey caravan also came with an opening roof vent.

The choice of six floorplans included an end-washroom two-berth. Outside, GRP sides were used and a side gas locker fitted.

The Pursuit was a big improvement on the Orion, but how does it look as a used buy, some eight years on?

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Model history of the Bailey Pursuit 540-5 Series 1

The Pursuit was launched at the NEC show in October 2013, and classed as the Series 1. With six layouts, the 540-5 was one of the most popular in the line-up, providing side fixed bunk beds, a big front lounge and a sizeable rear washroom.

The Bailey also offered a side dinette, which made up into a single bed when needed.

Lounge settees with big window in background
Settees have supportive base cushions, but some found backrests too small

There was plenty of overhead locker storage space, as well as a large wardrobe.

The side kitchen provided more storage, too, although the gas locker does steal some of the capacity here.

Work surface provision in the Bailey Pursuit 540-5 Series 1 was another good feature for families, with a side dresser opposite the kitchen offering yet more worktop.

Although not a Bailey option, the 540-5 seen here had an air conditioning unit fitted. This might have been added by a dealer, but whoever installed it, the job was professionally done. A very welcome extra, especially if you tour abroad.

Kitchen, with overhead lockers
Plenty of storage space in the overhead lockers, which is excellent for stowing the family’s kit

The Pursuit promised to be a good seller in the entry-level market, but it only had a couple of years in production and was dropped after Series 2.

Price checker

We found prices from £13,995 to £14,495 and one private sale (with awning) at £13,495. But prices seem pretty stable and, at £13,995 and with added air con, the model we saw offered value for a family on tour. For the rest of the range, expect to pay:

  •  400-2: £9895-£11,995
  •  430-4: £12,495-£12,995
  •  530-4: £12,995-£13,595
  •  550-4: £13,195-£13,995
  •  560-5: £12,995-£13,495


Look for other family-sized tourers, such as the 2015 Adria Altea 542 DK, with fixed bunk beds, lightweight design and six berths. Prices for the Altea start at around £14,995.

The 2015 Adria Altea 542 DK
The 2015 Adria Altea 542 DK

Otherwise, try a 2013 Sterling Eccles Sport 586, also with fixed bunks, again sleeping up to six, and having higher spec. These prices start at £14,495-£14,995.

If you’re interested in a more modern Bailey instead, you can also take a look at our review of the Bailey Alicanto Grande Evora.

Check for

  • Repairs to GRP side panels
  • Damp by side locker doors
  • Signs of damp in floors
  • Furniture edgings peeling
  • Damage to tyres and alloys
  • Repair work on floors
  • Damage to rear mouldings

You can also take a look at our guide to the interior checks to carry out when looking at a pre-owned tourer.

Verdict on a used Bailey Pursuit 540-5 Series 1

There’s a good choice of caravan layouts in the Pursuit range, and used prices are not over the top.

Keep an eye out for problems with the floor, which were quite common. We’d recommend buying from a dealer, where repairs will be carried out and the floor carefully inspected.

This 540-5 had been very well looked after. Some furniture edgings were coming away, but overall, it was in good condition and the added air-con made it a bargain buy for first-timers.

Technical spec

  • Berths: 5
  • MTPLM: 1394kg
  • MiRO: 1182kg
  • Payload: 212kg
  • Internal length: 5.72m
  • Width: 2.24m

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