Coachman has built a reputation for solid, well put together tourers, mainly by listening to customers and adapting its models accordingly. These days, that strategy has paid off, as evidenced by the brand’s success at our Owner Satisfaction Awards, where our readers voted it the best caravan manufacturer, as well as the longevity of its older models.

The company started out in the 1980s and it was not long before it had established a loyal following. The spacious and luxurious interiors, and reliable quality, proved to be especially popular with touring couples.

Model history of the Coachman VIP 545 (2017)

The 545 was introduced in 2014. Putting it through its paces then, we liked it a lot, and it seemed the buying public did, too.

The central washroom caravan layout was then new to tourers, and was an instant hit with buyers looking for luxury while away on longer tours.

The central washroom in the Coachman VIP 545 2017
The entral washroom is thoughtfully designed

The 2017 version was further improved, with an elegant new profile. It also came with a sunroof that had become a real touring ‘must-have’.

A popular and practical floorplan is a hallmark of the best used caravans. This is an area the 545 excelled in, with the floorplan’s popularity clear to see, as many other manufacturers soon followed its stylish design.

In addition, it offered a great spec, as you would expect from a prestige brand. This included a solar panel, Alde heating, updated soft furnishings and a Thetford oven.

The kitchen in the Coachman VIP 545 2017
The kitchen is well planned, but check that the fridge is working as it should

It also appealed to plenty of buyers who were looking for the added flexibility of a large tourer on a single axle.

As well as the four-berth 545, five other layouts were available in the VIP range in 2017:

  • 460 Two-berth
  • 520 Four-berth
  • 560 Four-berth
  • 565 Four-berth
  • 575 Four-berth

Alternatives to the Coachman VIP 545 (2017)

If you’re in the market for the same layout, but in a lighter, cheaper model, the Sprite Major 4EB could be a good alternative (although not as well specified). Look at prices of around £17,995 for a 2017 model, or perhaps the equivalent dealer special, with higher spec, for a bit more.

The Sprite Major 4EB
The Sprite Major 4 EB

Or you could go for an Adria Alpina Missouri, with excellent spec, a rear island bed, and the washroom on the near side.

For a 2017 model, you’ll be looking at prices of £24,995 or thereabouts, but that does give you an MTPLM of 1900kg.

Price checker

These 545 VIPs do seem to be snapped up very quickly, but we spotted a couple at dealers that were priced the same as ours, at £23,995.

We also found a private sale, which looked in good order and was priced at £18,195.

Coachmans in general are keeping their value pretty well on the used market, but it’s always worth shopping around. For the rest of the range, you can expect to pay:

  • 460 £20,699–£21,995
  • 520 £20,995–£21,495
  • 560 £20,750–£20,995
  • 565 £20,195–£21,695
  • 575 £21,995–£22,995

Things to check for

  • Signs of water ingress in front gas locker
  • Grazing on alloys
  • Cracks in back panel
  • Any sagging in upholstery
  • Evidence of a worn caravan mattresses


The Coachman VIP from 2017 has the brand’s great layout and their quality means that, even five years on, they remain solid performers. They also seem to attract buyers who really look after their tourer!

Build quality and design are strong selling points, appealing if you are after a seasonal pitch. Even in winter, the 545 felt cosy. As always, do make checks before you buy, and you should find the 545 really does offer you VIP treatment.

Prefer to look at a more recent model instead? Then take a look at the Coachman VIP 540 Xtra, a tourer that impressed our judging panel at the Practical Caravan Awards 2022, as it won the best caravan for couples category.

See what we made of the 2017 Coachman VIP 545/4 too, a smart and comfortable four-berth tourer.

Technical spec

  • Berths: 4
  • MiRO: 1480kg
  • Payload: 155kg
  • MTPLM: 1635kg
  • Internal length: 5.80m
  • Width: 2.32m

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