The Xplore range is a fine line-up of lightweight caravans that for some reason, are often overlooked in this sector.

That’s a great shame, because they offer excellent value for money in models that are both sturdily built and stylish.

The floorplans provide a choice of fixed beds and bunks, and there are couple’s layouts, too. For 2017, the line-up of five layouts catered for four to six berths. So the Xplore should cover most buyer’s needs.

This 586 is in good condition, but always check the front and rear panels for stress cracking

This 586 is a super tourer that would ideally suit a larger family, with its side fixed bunk beds and large end washroom.

Large lounge will easily seat six, and there’s good storage here, too

Sleeping up to six, the Xplore has a large front lounge with an offside single dinette, which also provides a fold-up bunk.

Central kitchen comes with oven, microwave, fridge and excellent storage space

The kitchen is opposite and is fitted with a three-burner hob and small oven/grill, and a fridge/freezer.

This example, looking almost unused, could be a good choice for many customers.

Model history

Bunks had hardly been used, and mattresses still had their plastic covers, but always check condition

The Elddis Xplore range has featured a number of family tourers over the years, and at one stage, early in the line-up’s development, also included a big twin-axle with a double dinette layout.

The Xplore was launched for the 2008 model year and faced stiff competition from Bailey’s Ranger, which was very firmly established and a big favourite with caravanners old and new. But the Elddis has made itself a place in this sector of the market and remains a good choice, new and used.

Over time, the Xplore has earned itself a place on the shortlist of everyone seeking a used caravan bargain.

Built on an Al-Ko chassis with ABS front and rear panels, and SoLiD construction, there’s also a spec pack to add some very appealing extras.

The 586 model was introduced for the 2016 season and remains a popular choice today.

The 2017 line-up also saw the addition of a new transverse fixed-bed layout, the 554, while the Whale 4kW heating system became standard, except in the compact four-berth 304, which is fitted with the 3kW version.


The Venus 590 is a good alternative to the Elddis Xplore

Keep an eye out for alternatives to the Xplore 586, such as the 2017 Venus 590, another fine lightweight model with good spec – you should be able to find one for around £13,995.

Otherwise, take a look at the 2017 Adria Altea 552DT, which is also lightweight and robust, but with lower spec. You can expect to pay around £13,995 for one of these.

Price checker

We didn’t find many examples of the 586 – it looks as though families are holding onto them. We did find one at £13,999 and another at £14,495, so £13,900 is about the price to pay; possibly a bit less for a private sale.


Side single dinette has a fold-up bunk; you’ll also find four mains sockets in the interior of the 586

If you’re in the market for a family-sized tourer with a great spec, the Elddis Xplore line-up is certainly a good range to take a look at; but as always, do the checks on those panels. That said, there were some design improvements from 2017 which should reduce these risks.

Most of the models sold will have the SE pack, which includes alloys, door flyscreen, radio and carpet runners. It’s also worth keeping a look-out for specials, which will have more kit than standard tourers.

The 586 we viewed here was in brilliant condition – another customer at the dealership was also really impressed with how little this van had been used.


  • Cracking in rear panel, especially near awning rail
  • Damage to front panel
  • Cracked plughole in shower
  • Delaminating floor
  • Peeling wall edging tape
  • Loss of support in fixed bed mattresses
  • Scratched sink enamel
  • Cracks in Heki roof vent

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