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Mozilla doesn’t make smartphones — it makes web browsers, like Firefox. Still, if it did, it this designer’s video shows what one would look like and it’s very impressive stuff.

The concept is called Mozilla Seabird and although it is nothing more that a computer-generated concept, there’s very little here that’s science fiction — Mozilla is just showing how it thinks future smartphones should work.

First is the Bluetooth earpiece that clips into the back of the phone when not in use and doubles-up as a three-dimensional remote control when it isn’t stuck in your ear — a bit like the Nintendo Wii Remote (apart from the ear part, obviously).

Built-in ‘pico’ projectors means the Seabird can be used as a pocket projector for video, or to project optical keyboards on a desktop for typing, while wireless charging means you don’t need to worry about cables trailing all over the place.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Seabird concept is that Mozilla hasn’t invented any of the ideas on show — all of the technology already exists, be it in other smartphones or different devices. The problem, of course, if cramming it all into a gadget that fits into a pocket at an affordable price, but we reckon we’ll all be toting something not unlike the Mozilla Seabird within the next five years.

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[Mozilla Labs]