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IF YOUR IDEA of a fun night out is a quiet night spent in the caravan, then the Sol Cinema might just be right up your pitch.


The Sol Cinema is a solar-powered mobile cinema squeezed into the confines of a 1970s Euro-Camper three-berth caravan. Four lithium batteries from an electric car are charged by 120W solar panels to power the 220V LED projector. There is seating for eight adults – or perhaps a few more, if they’re all close friends…


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Billed as the world’s smallest solar-powered cinema (we’re not sure what the competition would be for that title), the Sol Cinema is a not-for-profit venture operated by the arts and media charity Undercurrents. It comes complete with its own box office and usherette, and specialises in 20-minute features, which can be chosen from both its own stock of short films or supplied by the customer.


Available for hire

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The Sol Cinema is based in South Wales but can be hired for use anywhere in the UK and Ireland – get in touch via its website.