One of the best things about owning a caravan is having your own home-from-home with you wherever you go. You’ve everything you need on board to allow you to tour in complete comfort.

But you don’t want your caravan’s facilities to let you down, so it’s crucial to take care of them as best you can – and to do that, you need quality products from a company you can trust.

Heritage at its heart

Thetford is a great example: it has more than 50 years of experience in the leisure industry, and over the years has become a global expert in caravan sanitary solutions. 

So you can rest assured that every Thetford product will keep your caravan’s systems in tip-top condition.

That’s because they’ve been specifically designed for caravan use, using suitable ingredients and methods – unlike domestic products, which are best avoided in your tourer.

From toilet care products to accessories, Thetford has everything you’ll need for sanitation-system peace of mind.

Caring for toilet and tanks

Many caravanners will be familiar with Thetford’s range of toilet care products, and for good reason: there’s a great variety of options to suit you and your caravanning needs.

For starters, Thetford’s waste-holding tank products help break down waste and prevent nasty odours.

We all want to do our bit for the environment, so take a look at the Green (Aqua Kem Green Concentrated) and Bio (PowerPods Bio) products. They’re environmentally conscious and are even septic-tank safe.

Then there are Thetford’s grey-waste tank additives and cleaners. With their help, grease and waste food will be broken down to stop smells.

Thetford’s flush-water products, meanwhile, allow you to use less water, while its leisure-vehicle specific cleaning products are specially formulated to care for your caravan’s plastic surfaces. 

A new-to-you toilet system

Thetford even has a solution if you’re planning to buy a used caravan and fancy freshening up the toilet, making it completely new-to-you.

The brilliant Fresh-up Set includes a brand-new waste holding tank, toilet seat and lid – it’s simple to remove the old parts and fit the new products in place. 

It’s a great way of saving money, meaning you won’t need to replace the entire toilet when you find your otherwise perfect secondhand caravan. 

You’ll also have a spare waste tank when you need it – ideal if you’re planning to go off-grid.

Toilet care with Twusch

And that’s not all. At Practical Caravan we’re really excited about the arrival of the new Thetford Twusch in April 2024

It’s a brilliantly simple idea, featuring a porcelain inlay that slots into your Thetford toilet’s existing plastic bowl. This clever new product is suitable for every Thetford cassette toilet, too.

It offers antibacterial properties, and is leak-proof, scratch resistant and – most important of all – easy to clean.

And Thetford understands that sticking to your payload is crucial, which is why the Twusch adds a maximum of just 800g to your tourer.

So it’s clear that, with Thetford products at your side, your caravan’s sanitation systems will be kept in great condition – so they won’t let you down when you need them most.

To find out more about Thetford, visit its website.

You can also read more about Thetford and its products in our special cleaning feature, in issue 476 of Practical Caravan, on sale 22 February 2024.

Online, you can discover Thetford on Facebook and Instagram.