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We’ve mentioned the free iPhone and Android sat-nav software, Skobbler Lite, before, but here’s some news about an update to the paid version of the app.

Skobbler Lite requires an active internet connection to do its stuff — maps are downloaded as required and the application won’t work otherwise. The new Skobbler Forever Map Europe for the iPad and iPhone, however, is a paid app that has complete maps of Europe built-in — no additional downloads are required, which makes it useful for use while abroad.

Both Skobbler Lite and Skobbler Forever Map Europe used free Open Street Map data, which uses map information collated by users rather than commercial organisations. This can make more prone to erroneous information than other sources of mapping data, but equally, errors are addressed more quickly since its users can submit their own updates.

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Skobbler Lite isn’t the easiest sat-nav software to use and it doesn’t support different types of vehicle for route-planning — unlike the free NavFree app (also based on OpenStreetMap data). Still, at the discounted launch price of £2.39, Skobbler Forever Map Europe isn’t too pricey to take a chance on.

Skobbler ForeverMap – Key Features:

  • Full Europe map data (incl. major parts of Russia) – no data connection required
  • Name browsing
  • Search for: City, Street & POI
  • POI search
  • Search history and easy bookmarking system
  • Wikipedia content integration
  • High detailed map display with dynamic zooming backed by multi-touch support
  • Turning maps
  • Compass integration
  • Auto-follow mode
  • Route calculation
  • Native iPad / iPhone UI
  • Retina icons and maps (iPhone 4 only)
  • Dynamic POI layers as clickable icons in the map (both OSM & Wikipedia)
  • Works on iPod Touch

[Skobbler Forever Map Europe]