It can be hard to know how to go about choosing the best caravan for your needs, with a wide selection of models on the market, all with different pros and cons. To help you find the model for you, we’re looking at the Swift Conqueror 480 and the Sprite Compact.

The Swift Conqueror 480 did very well at the Practical Caravan Awards, winning the best 2 berth caravan category. The Sprite Compact was also shortlisted for this category, as well as the best caravan under £20,000. 

So, what are the main differences between these two models? We take a look here…

The basic spec

The Swift Conqueror 480

Swift Conqueror 480

  • Price: £29,395
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 1477kg
  • MiRO: 1351kg
  • Shipping length: 6.59m
  • Interior length: 4.98m
  • Width: 2.28m

The Sprite Compact

Sprite Compact

  • Price: £18,195
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 1094kg
  • MiRO: 980kg
  • Shipping length: 5.37m
  • Interior length: 3.68m
  • Width: 2.02m

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Design

A noticeable difference comes up in the length of these two-berths. The Conqueror has a shipping length of 6.59m, while the Compact comes in at 5.37m.

The Compact is also narrower, living up to its name – it only has a width of 2.02m, compared to the Conqueror’s 2.28m width.

The Conqueror is based on an Al-Ko chassis, and comes with ATC, AKS hitch stabiliser, GRP sidewalls and roof, along with full-height moulded panels at the front and back. Bike rack fixings and a 100W solar panel are fitted as standard, while a 30-litre on-board water tank is also included.

The service points are all located on the offside, while you get a decently sized front locker and an exterior side locker.

The Compact’s Al-Ko chassis comes with an AKS hitch stabiliser and alloy wheels. Even though it’s narrow, you still get a gas locker, and like the Conqueror, you’ll find the service points on the offside. There are also fittings for a Thule bike rack.

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Lounge

The lounge on offer in the Swift Conqueror is incredibly comfortably, with two long settees that could seat up to six presenting you with a great space to relax in.

You’ll find it’s nicely lit, thanks to three front windows that can be opened, a sunroof and a midi Heki roof vent, while we like the decorative panel that has been added instead of curtains on the side windows.

The lounge of the Swift Conqueror

LED spots offer some useful illumination, while there are also radio speakers found in the ceiling; as well as this, deep overhead lockers provide useful space for storage.

Something to note with the Compact is you don’t get a sunroof, but lighting shouldn’t be too much of a problem, thanks to the midi-Heki. Despite the caravan’s narrower width, this Heki contributes to a very airy feeling.

A central chest provides a drawer and slide-out occasional table. The seating doesn’t feel narrow – instead, it’s comfortable, with bolster and scatter cushions provided. The large side windows are a nice touch, as are the triple front windows that open.

The lounge in the Sprite Compact

The underseat lockers are also simple to access.  The LED spots provide good lighting in the evening, although they’re not adjustable.

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Kitchen

The Conqueror’s side kitchen has a good work surface, with an extension flap providing additional space. 

An extension flap provides extra kitchen workspace
The Conqueror provides an excellent worktop

You’ll find a Dometic microwave, decent sink and a Thetford dual-fuel hob and oven, along with a Dometic slimline fridge/freezer, 

We’re impressed by what the Compact’s kitchen has on offer. The fridge sits over the axle in the dresser, meaning there’s extra cupboard storage in the kitchen. As well as this, you’ll find a microwave, three-burner gas hob plus oven and grill, along with a large sink.

The worktop isn't as big in the Sprite Compact

The worktop isn’t as big as the Conqueror’s, but you could always use the dresser to gain some extra space.

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Beds

You have the option of using the settees as singles in the Swift Conqueror 480 but can also turn them into a large double if you’d prefer.

The Compact’s settees may be too short to use as singles if you’re over 5ft 11in – as a result, the double bed may be a more attractive option, which is 6ft x 5ft 11in. It’s simple to put together, with pull-out slats and the seat cushions.

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Washroom

The Conqueror’s end washroom is spacious, with a nice handbasin, large mirror and Thetford cassette toilet included. There’s also a radiator and shelving, although you don’t get a window; instead, you have to make do with a roof vent.

The washroom in the Swift Conqueror has a good handbasin

Beneath the handbasin is a cupboard, while a wardrobe is also included which provides some space for hanging. However, there’s no window here, and you’ll instead be relying on a roof vent.

An electric-flush toilet in the Compact is impressive, considering the washroom is a fairly small space. Showering could be a squeeze but we still think it’s manageable, and it’s also a well-lit area, as unlike the Conqueror, it comes with a decent window.

The Sprite Compact's washroom

Swift Conqueror 480 vs Sprite Compact: Storage

You’ll find six overhead roof lockers in the front lounge, four of which are a good size. Large access flaps to the underseat storage are handy, and the kitchen also provides excellent cupboard storage, even if there is only one large drawer. The washroom’s wardrobe also provides good hanging space, along with shelving. 

Overall, we think storage is good in the Compact; the four lockers at the front are a decent size, while two additional corner units offer extra room. 

The kitchen has some decent cupboard space, while the wardrobe provides good hanging room, despite having the electrics in too. 


Both the Swift Conqueror 480 and Sprite Compact should provide a good touring experience. The Conqueror combines an excellent build quality and smart interior with a good kitchen and general storage, as well as coming with a sunroof – this could be a requirement for some people. 

However, the Compact is smaller and could therefore be easier to manoeuvre, as well as being cheaper. 

We really liked both when we saw them though, and these are two very worthy vans to consider if there are two of you looking to go on tour. 

You can find out more about both caravans in our reviews of the Swift Conqueror 480 and the Sprite Compact.

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