Picking out the best tow car for your needs is an important step, as it will allow you to drive with stability. The crucial step here be choosing the towing vehicle that is suited to your needs. The Practical Caravan Awards 2022 are here to help – we’re revealing our pick for the best caravan tow car over 2000kg, as well as our other top recommendations.

You can also get more great help with selecting the right vehicle for you in our guide to how to choose the perfect tow car.

The best caravan tow car over 2000kg is…

Land Rover Discovery D300 AWD Auto

Land Rover Discovery D300 AWD Auto, best caravan tow car over 2000kg
  • Price: from £56,480
  • Kerbweight: 2437kg
  • Towing limit: 3500kg

There used to be clear daylight between the Land Rover Discovery. Now the Land Rover’s rivals have closed the gap. It’s a very close run thing between the Discovery and the likes of the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5.

If we had to tow from one end of the country tomorrow, though, we’d still pick the Land Rover Discovery for the job. It’s composed and comfortable when pulling a caravan, and has an uncanny knack of making long drives stress-free.

The seven-seat cabin is supremely practical, and unlike some rivals the Discovery has a practical third row of seats with enough head and legroom for adults to travel comfortably.

Head off road, and few rivals come close. Put it this way – towing away from a muddy pitch won’t be a problem.

We also recommend the following caravan tow cars over 2000kg…

Audi Q7 55 TFSi e

  • Price: from £66,305
  • Kerbweight: 2450kg
  • Towing limit: 2700kg

Enormously quick, enormously expensive, and enormously capable, the Audi Q7 55 TFSi e is a seriously impressive tow car.

Being a plug-in hybrid, this version of the Q7 has to find room for an electric powertrain as well as a petrol engine. That makes it very heavy, just shy of 2.5 tonnes in fact.

Such a high kerbweight plays a part in the Audi’s excellent high-speed stability. Sports air suspension probably helps, too, although it means this version’s ride comfort doesn’t quite match that of other Q7 models.

Another potential drawback is that there’s no third row of seats. However, if that doesn’t put you off, many drivers will be able to complete their daily commute running on electricity alone. That will make for very relaxing and surprisingly inexpensive trips to the office.

On the other hand, the Audi won’t travel as far on electricity alone as the BMW X5 45e.

BMW X5 45e

  • Price from £66,415
  • Kerbweight 2510kg
  • Towing limit 2700kg

It’s so hard to choose between the BMW X5 45e and the Land Rover Discovery. We still rate the big Land Rover as our favourite, but we’d blame nobody for choosing the X5 instead.

The big BMW stands out among plug-in hybrids for its exceptional electric range. 50 miles or so without using a drop of petrol should be possible, whereas a range of closer to 30 miles is more typical of plug-in SUVs.

The X5’s performance is outstanding. In fact, the X5 is capable of accelerating harder than you’ll probably want to while towing, so there’s always performance in reserve.

More impressive still is the BMW’s stability. It’s a heavy car with a firm and sporty suspension set-up, and that makes this big SUV feel unshakeable at speed.

There are a few downsides to choosing the 45e. You have five seats rather than seven, and as the batteries run low fuel economy won’t be so good. But even so, this is an outstanding tow car.

Mercedes-Benz G400 d

  • Price: £101,565
  • Kerbweight: 2489kg
  • Towing limit: 3500kg

That price tag of over £100,000 is eye-watering, but if you have the means very few cars can match the G400 d for towing ability.

The beefy diesel engine outmuscles almost all other SUVs, and makes towing even the heaviest twin-axle tourer easy. What’s more, the width of the G-Class makes it a good match for an eight-foot wide caravan, as your extension mirrors will still give a good view down the sides.

It would take a seismic event to shift the G-Class off course while towing, such is its command of whatever caravan it pulls. This really is a first-rate tow car, and with its highly sophisticated 4×4 system, towing away from a muddy pitch will only scratch at the surface of its abilities.

There’s room for five inside, with head and legroom to spare in both rows. Luggage space is enormous, so load up your designer luggage and enjoy.

Volvo V60 T6 Recharge

Volvo V60 T6 Recharge
  • Price: from £47,225
  • Kerbweight: 2075kg
  • Towing limit: 2000kg

By far the most affordable car on our shortlist of tow cars weighing over two tonnes, don’t think you’ll be slumming it in the V60 T6 Recharge. It’s one of the very best plug-in hybrid estate cars you can buy.

It’s heavier than a BMW 330e Touring, and has a significantly higher towing limit of 2000kg. There are few tourers that the Volvo can sensibly (and legally) tow.

This isn’t just about an impressive on paper spec, as the Volvo fulfils its promise on the road.

First and foremost, it’s a very stable tow car, with a no-nonsense approach to towing that makes for a stress-free drive. With the electric motor and petrol engine working together, there’s plenty of punch for overtaking.

Inside, the standard of finish is high, and there’s plenty of legroom front and rear. The boot is big too.

Best of all, since we tested the V60, Volvo has upgraded the electric drivetrain with more power and a longer range.

Review: Volvo V60 T6 Recharge

If you’re looking for a helping hand with picking a pre-owned towing vehicle, be sure to take a look at our best used tow car guide, where we share our pick of the reliable and stable choices consider.

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