When you’re trying to find the best caravan window cleaner for you, it can help to focus on the problem you want to get rid of. Caravan windows tend to be the first thing to show signs of wear, and they can be tricky to restore. Do you need to cut through dirt, dust and debris or do you want to tackle scratches and fogging to improve visibility?

Although there are solutions for different types of cleaning, as a rule of thumb it’s best to avoid ammonia or alcohol based cleaners, as well as scouring and abrasive compounds. Acrylic and polyplastics are the most common material used for caravan windows, which scratch easily and are susceptible to damage over time. It’s also important to use a slightly damp cloths from when applying cleaner to prevent scratching the acrylic. Something microfibre is the best choice, like these cloths from Amazon.

In a pinch, you can make relatively effective homemade cleaners (like 50:50 water and vinegar) but we think it’s worth investing in a decent caravan window cleaner as part of your touring essentials.  We’ve collected a few of our favourites, including scratch-removers, cleaners and polishes.

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  • Streak free finish


  • Doesn’t buff as well as other options

Specially designed for cleaning acrylic and glass, this caravan window cleaner is formulated to give a streak-free finish. This is particularly useful in preventing fogging, meaning your windows remain functional and well-maintained. The spray also helps to reduce glare and can be used inside and outside to remove grease and silicone residues as well as dirt and general build up. 

A nice touch is the citrus scent, which neutralises any nasty chemical odours. The 750ml bottle is a handy size while still offering plenty of volume, and the pump system allows you to spray directly onto the surface. The formula doesn’t require water so all you need is a dry cloth. 

Renovo International Plastic Window Polish


  • Good for detailing


  • Not as effective on dirt

This polish is to be exclusively used on Perspex and flexible plastic, so it’s great for most caravan windows. Although this is a polish as opposed to a cleaner, it works gently to remove stains and scuffs as well as reduce discolouration in your caravan windows. 

This product is a good choice if you’ve got fogging to remove and will even aid in preventing future damage. The bottles come in 50ml and 100ml so, although a little goes a long way, it might not be suitable for frequent use. The water-based, fragrance-free liquid goes directly onto a cloth and can be worked into certain areas, both inside and outside of your caravan window. 

Williams Racing Glass Cleaner


  • Plentiful and low-effort application


  • Doesn’t deal with scratching

Suitable for rain sensors and acrylic windows, this window cleaner can also be used on your tow car’s glass windows and windscreen. The 1 litre bottle lasts for a while and has a spray trigger pump for easy application. 

It’s formulated to easily get rid of grease, build up and insect debris, while giving caravan windows a streak free finish. Being a water-based solution, this caravan window cleaner can help you avoid greasy residue and uneven cleaning. It also doesn’t require any additional water so all you need is the spray and a dry cloth. 

Autoglym Fast Glass



  • Silicone-free and can be used on electronics screens


  • Doesn’t polish as well as other options

A brilliant all-rounder, this highly effective cleaner from Autoglym can be used on all kinds of surfaces including glass, plastic and electronics screens. The solution is created without waxes and silicones so you can be sure of a streak-free finish with no residue. 

It cuts through grime, grease and residue with ease and can even remove oil, insect residue and tree sap. Not only is this one of the best caravan window cleaners on the market, but it’s also great to keep in your tow car for cleaning windows and windscreen as well as rear and wing mirrors. 

VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Anti-Static Polish


  • Reduces static and further damage


  • Aerosol might not suit everyone

The aerosol window cleaner offers slightly more coverage than a standard trigger pump, so can be useful if you’re cleaning larger areas. The solution is suitable for most plastics, including acrylic and coloured materials so it’s great for caravan windows and exterior surfaces. 

 It’s also designed with anti-static properties which help to repel abrasive materials like dust and dirt. Application also creates a fine wax barrier that protects against micro-scratching. After buffing, you’ll have a streak and grease free finish with minimised fogging and a protected surface. 

Fenwicks Windowize Scratch Remover


  • Gets rid of scratches and improves visibility


  • Windows need to be relatively dirt-free first 

This small-but-mighty solution is great for windows that need a bit more of a deep clean. It functions slightly differently to other caravan window cleaners, in that it’s something closer to a polish rather than a cleaning solution. If your portals are plagued by scratches and deeply set fog, a bit of this formula and some elbow grease will have them looking brand new. 

The bottle is 100 ml and not a spray design like the other, but you don’t need to use much to make a difference. It’s applied directly onto a cloth and worked into the material so it doesn’t need to sit on the surface to do its job.

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