The changes to Lunar’s best selling Clubman range have been revealed.

Clubman did brilliantly in 2010 and for 2011, the Preston-based manufacturer has been careful not to spoil what customers like.

The Clubman goes up from four to five-floorplans. The only all new model is the SB. This is a twin-single bed model with an end washroom.

The SI model remains but has changed extensively from 2010. Rather than a traditional island bed floorplan with centre washroom, Lunar’s design team have opted for a transverse island bed with an end washroom. The whole bed lifts on gas struts to improve access if required. The CK, ES and SE models remain largely unchanged.  
Refreshed graphics are the extent of the external changes. An awning light that is operated by key fob is very sensible addition.

Inside, the well resolved interiors of the 2010 line-up have been polished rather than revamped but are none the worse for that. The new ‘stanton’ upholstery works very well and new bolster, throw and lumber cushions are provided for support.

Lighting has been improved throughout. Heki rooflights get lighting integrated into the surround, concealed mood lighting runs throughout at roof level and smart LED spotlights illuminate the front lounge. 

Many of the changes implemented are practical rather than ground-breaking but that sort of gradual, detail improvement should be enough to ensure Lunar has another good season. Aluminium bed bases, better microwave and touch-control extractor fan are added, along with tougher washroom doors and worktops. Alde heating remains across all models, as does Al-Ko ATC stability control and the Secure wheel lock.

Prices rise across the Clubman range by around £500 per van. Weights are subject to confirmation but Lunar has confirmed that the entire range remains under 1500Kg.

Clubman CK – £17795
Clubman ES – £18795
Clubman SB – £18795
Clubman SE – £18795
Clubman SI – £18795

Practical Caravan verdict:
One of 2010’s stand out model ranges gets a sympathetic and successful update. Still looks a class act.