Dealer specials have been popular since the 1990s, although back then, there were far fewer around. The past decade has seen more reaching the forecourts.

With a history stretching back more than 25 years, one of the longest-running is the Fairway from Broad Lane Leisure.

Fairways have always sold and resold very well, mainly because they came with a really excellent selection of kit compared with the standard Swift models on which they were based.

Back in the day, Fairways were based on the Charisma, switching in 2012 to Swift’s (then new) Challenger Sport, which added to the brand’s success.

Model history of the Swift Fairway 442

In 1997, the first Fairway dealer special emerged as a five-model line-up, sowing the seeds of its popularity. The 442 was launched in 2012, and this end-washroom two-berth proved a real hit with couples who were looking for a well-equipped, stylish tourer at an affordable price. The 2012 Fairway range included numerous models, and they offered a good selection of layouts, among them substantial six-berths.

The Challenger Sport was already a well-equipped tourer, but as you’d expect in a dealer special, the Fairway added some very welcome extra kit.

Such additions included the sunroof, gas barbecue point, exterior mains socket and side locker, alarm, upgraded upholstery, kitchen extractor fan, and upgraded flyscreens and blinds. The 442 also offered good storage for two, with plenty of overhead lockers and excellent cupboard and worktop space.

The lounge area of the van, showing the upgraded blinds
Upgraded flyscreens and blinds were among
the many valuable extras

The 2012 line-up had a very stylish makeover, with a new shell and weights kept low for the class. It’s easy to see why the Fairway is still very much in demand in 2022 – if you decide you’d rather take a look at more modern tourers, check out our guide to the best caravans.

The kitchen area in the 442
The 442 provides plenty of work surface, and you get a quality microwave and an extractor fan fitted, too

Price checker

The Swift Fairway 442 will fetch around the £13,995 mark, and we had a job to track one down that hadn’t already been sold! But our example was on for £13,495 and that included a mover. Buying privately, you might bag one at about £12,995 – if you’re lucky.

For the rest of the range, you can expect to pay:

  • 514 £14,495-£14,895
  • 524 £14,895-£14,995
  • 544 £14,895-£15,195
  • 554 £14,995-£15,295
  • 564 £14,995-£15,295
  • 584 £14,999-£15,295
  • 585 £15,695-£15,995
  • 586 £15,795-£15,995
  • 630 £15,995-£16,795


If you have some extra cash to splash, look for a 2015 Compass Rallye 482, a great tourer for two with Alde heating and good spec. Expect to pay around £16,995.

Another great caravan is the lightweight Lunar Clubman CK from 2011, a well-equipped tourer with a superb end washroom. You should be able to find a good example at around £11,495, if your budget won’t quite stretch to the Fairway or the Compass Rallye.

The 2011 Lunar Clubman CK
The 2011 Lunar Clubman CK

Another Swift model to consider is 2014 Swift Challenger 480 SE, a tourer which provided an excellent spec.

Things to check for:

  • Cracking on back panel
  • Damp on side walls
  • Functioning alarm
  • Good condition and support in mattresses on fixed beds
  • Water ingress in washroom

Our interior checks guide will fill you in on the other things to look out for if you’re buying a van from a private vendor.

The large handbasin in the end washroom
Smart end washroom provides a large handbasin, very spacious wardrobe and separate shower cubicle


The Fairway is a great dealer special to look out for – even the older models still offer excellent value and spec. The 442 that we found was in good condition and already receiving attention while we were looking at it.

We particularly liked the very comfortable interior, with all of those extras. The condition was like new in this clearly well-cared-for tourer. Among the huge array of dealer specials
on the forecourts, the Fairway is still an outstanding choice. For further pre-owned inspiration, take a look at our guide to the best used caravans.

Technical spec

  • Price: (used model shown) £13,495
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 1250kg
  • MiRO: 1129kg
  • Payload: 121kg
  • Internal length: 4.40m
  • Width: 2.25m

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