Stealth has been listening. Following a high-profile entry to market at the October NEC 2009, Stealth has monitored the forums, the magazines and the shows to get feedback on what it has done right and what’s been done wrong.

The X-Class range launched last year remains in the line-up but it has been tweaked. The unique centre lounge, front washroom and rear island bed layout remains although the short 5.3m model has been dropped. X-Class is now sold in 5.8m single axle and 6.3m twin-axle forms. The longer model gets a bigger lounge but is otherwise similar to smaller model.
Other changes include body graphics rather than simple name badges but the bold GRP nose cone, in black or silver remains.

Weights are subject confirmation, but should be comparable to 2010 versions where specifications are the same.

The biggest change is the way the different trim levels are referred to. Instead of letters, the three trim levels are Valiant, Intrepid and Defiant. Put simply these are the bottom, middle and top specification models in the Stealth ranges.

Valiant has a good level of kit, but going up to the Intrepid model gets an remotely operated alarm, spare wheel and carrier and an upholstery upgrade. Defiant gets both those plus an Al-Ko Secure wheel lock, tracking system and different trim. The Truma Combi blown air/ water heater is unique in the UK caravan market and is fitted to all models, although Defiant trim gets the more powerful 6Kw version.

 ‘People found it difficult to work out what the letter and number designation for each model meant, so we’ve opted for names for each trim level and a letter for each layout’ Alex explained.
‘We’ve also make more of the equipment optional, to bring down the price and allow customers to choose what equipment they want’

The new models will be on display at the three showrooms in Bedford, Flixborough and Warminster in September. Call ahead to ensure the model you want to see is on site on 01234 272445.


Still an acquired taste, but Stealth has listened to customer feedback and the products have improved.