THE ASTRONAUTS’ CARAVAN Ride was spotted at the recent Great Henham Steam Fair, Suffolk and Practical Motorhome’s Gentleman Jack Bancroft couldn’t resist taking a look.


The 1969 Cotswold Windrush has been converted into a revolving swing by inventor, Tim Hunkin, the man behind Southwold Pier’s amusements and TV series The Secret Life of Machines. 


How does it work

Based on a Victorian illusion called The Haunted Swing, boffin Tim and friend, Andy Plant, were keen to re-create a magical ride they’d spotted at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach some twenty years ago.


Realising that a caravan was the ideal design for the project, they set to work last year ripping apart and reshaping the classic van.


In case you are wondering, those who ride stay still, while the caravan body whirls around them. For more information and to see how the ride was put together visit


And thanks to Practical Motorhome‘s Gentleman Jack for sending us this little nugget!