Adria has completely updated its mid-market Adora range for the 2021 season, giving the outside a more aerodynamic profile and including plenty of new innovations inside.

The Slovenian manufacturer took expert advice from a designer of microlight aircraft to come up with the new sleeker front panel for the range which accounts for 60% of its caravan sales worldwide. The two pillars either side don’t only form an extension the the vertical grab handles but are also designed to work as wind diffusers to help with towing (although all 2021 Adoras still come with an AKS stabiliser and ATC).

Adria claims the panoramic window at the top is now the largest such window fitted as standard on any caravan sold in the UK, while down below the single gas locker with large opening is designed to make it even easier to load and unload gas bottles. For the 2021 Adoras Adria has also added guide holes for the corner steadies –  a useful addition in a caravan range where the steady bolts are still located some way under the undercarriage.

The equally sleek rear three piece rear panel now includes fully LED multifunctional lights.

Inside, Adria’s designers have done away with any need for small partitions or bulkheads between the lounge and kitchen areas and instead have chosen to suggest different areas by changing the look of the convex overhead lockers. They are now wooden for the lounge and white for the kitchen.

Where a partition is needed, however, such as to shut off the rear bedroom with its transverse island bed on the Isonzo, the concertina partition is made of cloth, not plastic, and it clips into position with magnets. The bed in the Isonzo can now be rolled back to create a wider passageway to get to the rear washroom during the day. It retains the adjustable headrests from last season. It also benefits from a much larger exterior locker door underneath, to make it easier for you to load heavy luggage such as outdoor furniture. The space is not encumbered by a spare wheel either, as that goes in the gas bottle locker at the front.

Innovative touches on the inside include cushions in the front lounge that you can roll up and fix with a magnet to form a headrest. There is also a rail running right the way around the caravan – including the kitchen and washroom. This is designed to take optional storage trays and baskets made of felt that you cam position where you choose.

A new music system has also been included with completely hidden speakers. And all fixed beds now come with Evopore mattresses.

Along with the four-berth Isonzo other models making it through to the 2021 season include the four-berth Seine and the twin axle Sava. The latter now comes with a drop bed in the rear on the offside, hidden inside the lockers. The four-berth Thames with a rear corner bed has been dropped but a new model will be launched later this year. The Adora Tiber will feature an inline island bed in the rear and a central washroom spread across the van.

With all the attention on the Adora, Adria’s three other ranges remain largely unchanged for 2021, except for different exterior graphics. In particular the Action model will now come with a graphite exterior colour instead of blue.

The Alpina and Adora ranges will also include the Adria MACH smart remote control application as a cost option. For the first time this season this features user manuals that are unique to your motorhome that you can download by scanning a QR code.