WHETHER IT’S USED on a short break or a month-long tour, an awning is an essential piece of kit. Without it, living space is halved and there’s nowhere to store soggy gear on wet days.


When choosing the best awnings for our awards, we consider value for money, build quality, ease of use and any innovations that make these the best awnings for the price.


Pyramid Products Corsican Porch
Isabella Commodore Concept
SunnCamp Paramount 260


Winner, Best Awning: Bradcot Concept

We’ve chosen the new Bradcot Concept as our Best Awning because,
at prices ranging between £550-£700, we believe it offers good value for money. These prices apply to the awning with a steel frame, but an additional £50-£90 buys the company’s Easy System alloy frame.


In addition to the weight advantage, the Easy System also features automatic locking of the poles whenever they are extended. Retracting them is a simple matter of pressing the button on the outer pole’s collar.


Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that, like all Bradcot awnings, the Concept has adjustable pegging, which allows you to move the pegging points to avoid large stones and rocks.


The canvas material is solution-dyed acrylic and the roof is heat reflective to keep the interior of the awning cool in hot weather. In addition, all four panels (two sides and two fronts) can be removed, and one side panel also has a full insect/ventilation screen behind the zipped window. The colour combination is blue and gunmetal grey.



Steel frame: £549-£699
Easy System alloy frame: add £50-£90


Contact Bradcot

Tel 01274 306 811
Web www.bradcot-awnings.co.uk