BAILEY LAUNCHES an updated version of its Pegasus range on 14 January, and we’ve had an exclusive look at two of the new models.


Layouts range from two berths to six berths, and all the vans are manufactured using the firm’s pioneering Alu-Tech construction process.



More charm

We travelled to Bristol to see two of the new vans in the metal and while we’re not allowed to reveal any specific details ahead of the launch, we can confirm that the new caravans – designated Pegasus Series II – pack more charm than the models they will succeed.


Building on the runaway success of the upmarket Unicorn range, Bailey’s designers have applied the same kind of thinking to the updated Pegasus.



Inviting and comfortable

The exteriors have been refreshed while the interiors have had a complete makeover. These vans feel inviting and comfortable and we were very happy to spend the best part of a day in them. Equipment levels will please many caravanners.


Simon Howard, Bailey’s Marketing Director, said: “The second-generation Pegasus models, arriving in February 2011, feature designs that incorporate the existing strengths of their predecessors whilst at the same time enhancing both the desirability and affordability of this award-winning range.”


We’ll file a report from next week’s launch here on, including specification details, price information and release dates. In the meantime, take a look at these exclusive images showing some of the exterior styling that will feature across Pegasus Series II.



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You can also pre-order a Pegasus Series II brochure at Bailey’s dedicated Pegasus II website.