Having the right accessories can make a real difference to the caravanning experience, as I’m sure many of you know. While Black Friday is now over, the sales have continued as we’ve moved into Cyber Monday, and there are still some great deals available for anyone hoping to get some bargain caravan accessories.

To help make your life easier, I’m sharing some of my favourite deals I’ve spotted, including discounts on awnings from Vango and Olpro, offers on sat-navs from Garmin’s new Camper range and savings on cleaning products from Autoglym and Pro-Kleen. I’ve also spotted some big discounts on portable power stations, with the Jackery Explorer 1000 the cheapest it’s ever been, while the Bluetti EB3A, which we shortlisted at the Practical Caravan Awards recently, is also reduced.

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Cyber Monday portable power station deals for caravanners

Jackery Explorer 1000
Image: Amazon

Jackery Explorer 1000-

Currently available with a huge 50% saving on Amazon, this Jackery generator is currently the cheapest it’s ever been, according to Amazon price tracking tool Camel Camel Camel. It’s ideal for powering an array of gadgets when you’re on tour, while an LCD display ensures you’ll have no issue keeping an eye on its battery life and other necessary data too. Its capacity of 1002wh is impressive and it comes with seven connections in total: two USB-C ports, one USB-A, 1 QC 3.0 port, one DC port and two pure sine wave 230V AC sockets. A weight of 10kg should ensure it doesn’t cause any payload concerns either.

View the deal on Amazon.

Bluetti EB3A
Image: Amazon

Bluetti EB3A – £299 now £219 (save 27%)

We actually shortlisted this Bluetti at the recent Practical Caravan Awards, as we think it’s a highly effective and efficient piece of kit. When we tested it, we found it to be up to the challenge of simultaneously powering a number of small devices too. Coming in at 4.6kg, it offers a wireless charging pad – always handy – and an array of other options, including a 12V socket, two 12V DCs, two USB-As, a 220-240V 600W AC socket and one USB-C.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday sat nav deals for caravanners

Camper 895
Image: Amazon

Garmin Camper 895 £579.99 now £459.87 (save 20% at Amazon)

We should point out this was £10 cheaper earlier in the week, but there’s still an impressive 20% saving to be had on this sat-nav. While this deal isn’t in the Black Friday sale, it’s such a good offer that it’s worth bringing to your attention. This 8-inch device from Garmin is part of the new Camper range and it’s available in the Black Friday sale with a huge £120 saving, bringing the price down to £449.99. It offers a load of features to ensure your tour starts smoothly, including custom routing and warnings of Environmental Zones, with everything displayed on its 8-inch touchscreen. It even provides road trip suggestions, as well as coming with Birdseye Satellite Imagery, which presents an aerial view of your campsite.

View the deal at Amazon now.

Camper 795
Image: Garmin

Garmin Camper 795 £389.99 now £349.99 (save £40 at Garmin)

Our winner of the best caravan sat nav at the recent Practical Caravan Awards is currently available with a £40 saving at Garmin. Our judges were particularly impressed with the number of features it offers, which should ensure you enjoy a stress-free experience on the road. Coming with a 7-inch touchscreen, it’s ideal if you want a more compact and budget-friendly model from the Camper range.

View the deal at Garmin now.

Cyber Monday cover deals for caravanners

Maypole cover
Image: Amazon

Maypole Caravan Cover – £92.40 – £137,79, now £78.52 – £107.16 (save 15%)

A 15% saving can be enjoyed on this Maypole cover which comes in a variety of sizes, from up to 14ft to 19-21ft (it also comes in 21-23 and 23-25ft but these option are not in the sale). Water resistant and offering high UV protection, the cover is made from a heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene 4-ply material, which is breathable, helping moisture to evaporate and preventing mould. With adjustable straps to tighten the fit and an elasticated hem around the base, it should be relatively straightforward to fit too.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday radiator deals for caravanners

De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator
Image: Amazon

De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator £82.99 now £59.99 (save 28%)

This De’Longhi is able to heat a space that is up to 15m³. I like that it comes with an adjustable thermostat, as it allows you to get the temperature just right in your van. There are also some useful carry handles, ideal for making its 5.5kg weight easier to move around your tourer as required. Its curved appearance serves two purposes – it not only gives it a smart appearance but also keeps pain to a minimum if you inadvertently bump into it. Coming with a 28% saving, it’s available for only £59.99 in the Cyber Monday sales.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Pro Breeze mini heater
Image: Amazon

Pro Breeze Mini Heater £24.99 now £20.82 (save 17%)

I think this compact heater is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a portable product or only need to heat a small space. I like its features, which include overheat protection and an auto-off tip-over switch. I also think its light weight is worth drawing attention to – it only weighs 710g, so the 500W device will be incredibly easy to move around as and when required. It also offers an adjustable thermostat to let you find the right temperature.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday dehumidifier deals for caravanners

Pro Breeze dehumidifier
Image: Amazon

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier £69.99 now £50.74 (save 28%)

Running on 40 watts, this Pro Breeze dehumidifier should provide a compact yet efficient way of keeping on top of any moisture in your tourer. It requires electricity to operate and is able to absorb as much as 500ml of moisture each day, while its tank can hold up to 1500ml. It will also automatically shut off if the tank fills up, so you’ll know when it needs emptying. It’s also fairly lightweight, only coming to 1.85kg.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday cleaning product deals for caravanners

Autoglym Super Resin Polish
Image: Halfords

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1-litre £17.24, now £13.79 (save 20%)

You can currently save 20% on numerous Autoglym products at Halfords, and one of our favourites that we’ve spotted is the Super Resin Polish. Leaving a glossy finish on your tourer, it’s not only water repellant but also helps to get rid of light scratches, scuffs and marks. While we’ve selected the litre bottle as it provides the best value for money, you could opt for the 500ml option if you don’t have the space for it.

View the deal at Halfords now.

Image: Amazon

Pro-Kleen Toilet Chemicals £17.95 now £15.26 (save 15%)

The process of emptying a caravan’s toilet is never going to be the most appealing of tasks, but it can be made less daunting with the right chemicals. One popular brand is Pro-Kleen, which makes eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free products. This Black Friday, you can save 15% on this double pack, which includes Blue Toilet Fluid, to break down odours, and Pink Toilet Rinse, which gives your toilet a protective layer.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday awning deals for caravanners

Olpro View 300
Image: Olpro

OLPRO View 300 £1,100 now £499 (save £601)

We really like how this Olpro awning is slightly curved at the front, allowing you to enjoy the views through those large windows. Made with a 150D material, the awning provides a good waterproof rating – as does the porch extension it comes with. Thanks to its inflatable tubes it should only take around 10 minutes to set up. Another feature we appreciate is the versatility this awning offers, with that porch extension able to attach to either side, so it can either act as an impressive entrance or be a useful place to store things that you don’t want taking up room in your tourer.

View the deal at Olpro now.

Vango Balletto 260 Air Elements
Image: Winfields Outdoors

Vango Balletto 260 Air Elements £1000 now £790 (save £210)

The single point inflation system makes this Ballento impressively easy to put up. Combine that with the multiple point deflation and it becomes less arduous to get a stubborn air bubble out too. It’s made from Vango’s 150D Elements Shield fabric, so is fully waterproof – ColourLok technology should prevent fading from occurring too. I like the flat entry its doors provide, and the side door comes with a 60/40 split, allowing you to roll away a section for quick entry. Another useful feature is the pack being deliberately oversized too – this should help you avoid any struggles when it’s time to put it away.

View the deal at Winfields Outdoors now.

Cyber Monday wheel lock deals for caravanners

Stronghold lock
Image: Ultimate Outdoors

Stronghold Protector Caravan Alloy Wheel Lock £145, £59 (save 59%)

Coming with pick-free locks, this robust yet compact wheel lock should provide some valuable peace of mind to caravanners. Made with hardened steel, the product also includes a protective cap to prevent dirt or water from damaging the lock, as well as a plastic storage case, three keys and more. Weighing only 3.4kg, Ultimate Outdoors are currently offering it with a huge 59% discount.

View the deal on Ultimate Outdoors now.

Stronghold SH5438
Image: Amazon

Maypole SH5438 wheel clamp £139.99 now £103.99 (save 26%) at Amazon

Sold Secure tested and relatively light in weight at around 5kg, this wheel clamp can be used on tyres that are up to 265mm wide and provides caravanners with the reassurance that their tourers can’t just be towed away. The manufacturer says it only takes 10 seconds to fit (not including the wheel bolts), so it should be relatively straightforward and quick to set up. The clamp also comes with a plastic storage case, while its bright yellow colour provides a useful visual deterrent too.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday hitch lock deals for caravanners

Stronghold 5412C Hitch Lock
Image: Amazon

Stronghold 5412C £77.95 now £66.24 (save 15%)

Coming with a Sold Secure gold standard rating, this hitchlock is a vibrant yellow so should act as a useful visual deterrent to would-be thieves. Compatible with a variety of stabilisers – Al-Ko AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004, AKS3004 and AKS3504 – this is a product that can play a part in keeping your tourer safe during the offseason, giving you some valuable peace of mind in the process.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Cyber Monday barbecue deals for caravanners

weber barbecue
Image: Blacks

Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal BBQ £112 now £79 (save 29%)

Coming with a cooking area of 42 x 26cm, this portable charcoal barbecue is ideal for rustling up an al fresco feast, be it at your campsite or on a day trip to the beach. Both weather-proof and rust-resistant, the product looks smart and provides a heat-resistant bowl and lid, a handle with a heat shield and a triple-plated cooking grate.

View the deal on Blacks now.

Cyber Monday outdoor equipment deals for caravanners

Quest Falcon AirShield 500 Windbreak (3 Panel)
Image: Winfield Outdoors

Quest Falcon AirShield 500 Windbreak (3 Panel) £443.73 now £179.00 

With a weight of 7.75kg, this windbreak provides some effective protection on those breezier days when you’re pitched up and is currently available at Winfields Outdoors with a huge discount of over £250. The brand promises it should be quick to set up – once you’ve done so, it will offer five metres of protection when the three panels have been zipped together, which can also be angled as desired. There’s even the option of buying additional panels if you want to extend it further.

View the deal on Winfields Outdoors.

Coleman FastPitch Shelter
Image: Winfields Outdoors

Coleman FastPitch Shelter Pro M £259.99, now £179.00

If you’re only staying at a campsite for a couple of nights, it can feel a lot of effort to put up an awning – a great way of increasing your space in such a situation can be with a shelter like this Coleman product. Covering 300cm x 300cm and having a weight of 15.70kg, it comes with UV Guard which provides SPF 50 sun protection for some extra peace of mind in the sun. As the name implies, it should be relatively quick to set up – Coleman advises it should take no more than 10 minutes.

View the deal on Winfields Outdoors.

Cyber Monday kitchen accessories deals for caravanners

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker
Image: Amazon

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker £84.99 £67.92 (save 20%)

If you, like me, struggle to start your day without your coffee fix, this WACACO Nanopresso could be the ideal solution. It provides caravanners with a convenient way of enjoying a tasty espresso on tour and is currently available with a 20% saving. It doesn’t run on electricity or batteries – instead, all you need is ground coffee, hot water and the power of your own hands.

View the deal on Amazon now.

COSORI Small Air Fryer
Image: Amazon

COSORI Small Air Fryer, 2 litres £69.99 now £49.99 (save 29%)

A 29% saving can currently be enjoyed on this small air fryer, which, operating at 900W, will be fine to use when on hook up. It’s nonstick, for some easy cleaning while on tour – then once you’ve returned, you can make the most of its dishwasher-safe credentials to give it an end-of-tour clean. I’m a fan that it only operates at 48 dB and also think it’s great that it uses 97% less oil than a traditional deep fryer would. At two litres, the air fryer will be ideal if you’re cooking for two on tour.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Remoska Prima
Image: Amazon

Remoska Prima (580W) Portable Oven £189.99 now £149.99 (save 21%)

This is a Teflon-coated worktop electric cooker which is only 580W, giving you the freedom of rustling up a tasty meal when you’re pitched up without the need to use the gas oven in your tourer.  It can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, as it can bake, roast or grill, providing some handy versatility on the road. As it only weighs 4kg too, it’s a useful kitchen gadget that won’t eat into your payload either.

View the deal on Amazon now.

Aigostar 2-slice toaster
Image: Amazon

Aigostar 750W 2-slice toaster £25.99 now £19.99 (save 23%)

If you want to start your mornings on tour with a couple of slices of toast, this Aigostar 2-slice toaster could be the ideal Black Friday bargain. It comes with a defrosting and reheating function, while its crumb tray makes it a simple business to clean up post-tour. The 750W toaster is currently available with a 23% discount for Amazon Prime members too!

View the deal on Amazon now.

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